08 February 2023

The new Favini R&D laboratory

Where are the new Favini papers conceived, developed and created? Creating a new colour of paper, a new surface treatment to obtain a precise effect, creating a new product made with the production waste of a company… It seems like magic but here at Favini it happens every day!

Innovation is one of the cardinal principles here at Favini and for this very reason a new Research and Development laboratory has been created. We are always looking for new methods to generate value, striving constantly towards the best and most innovative solution. Innovation, and the other values ​​that represent Favini, are contained in the Manifesto.

This dedication to innovation is a product of our identity.

In the 1990s, a particular problem was being faced in the Venice Lagoon: An anomalous algae infestation. Proliferating abnormally, these algae were damaging the delicate lagoon ecosystem, leading to its eutrophication. This is how Alga Carta was born, the paper that creatively reuses seaweed according to our upcycling process.

After Alga Carta, other ecological papers have been developed: Crush, Refit, Remake, Tree Free and Shiro Echo. Precisely because of their shared eco characteristics they are now presented together in one single box: Paper from our Echosystem

The new laboratory

To continue to innovate in the paper sector, a new Research and Development laboratory has been built. Recently opened, after a 6 month build the new laboratory is better equipped with more work space, allowing for improved processes.

New equipment has also been purchased to facilitate operations and experimentation.


In our laboratories we follow the development of new papers, the creation of customized colours and new treatments. Often it is precisely the customers who request development of customized ecological papers to be created with their own manufacturing waste!

The laboratory is always a hectic place, creative and scientific at the same time. They are responsible for over 100 active projects right now! Imagine that last year every two days we created a new colour!

Our laboratory has tested more than 350 residues from other supply chains, to be used to create new upcycling papers. Think about any industrial by-product, we will probably have tested it already!

Thousands of different colours and hundreds of tested residues make us specialized in producing bespoke papers! Watch the video and discover our new laboratory!

For further information read our press release.