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Our approach to social sustainability

Managerial positions held by women (2022 data)

The proportion of women holding managerial roles is almost one third of the total. The data considers all females who hold roles of relevant responsibility in the organization.

The criteria for hiring new people, for career advancement and for the rationale of compensation are based exclusively on skills, both technical and transversal, and on proven objectives.

< 1,5%
employee turnover (average 2017-2022)

Employee turnover, calculated as the share of yearly resignations on total number of employees, is normally considered an indirect indicator of company climate. We constantly monitor this figure, net of retirements, and historically we have recorded very low values.

In the last three years and in line with the last decade, we identified an average rate of less than 1%. This shows widespread well-being within our organization and a high loyalty level of our people towards the company.

We have evidence of a widespread well-being within our organization and a high loyalty level of our people
years of certified Health and Safety management

The commitment to manage the health and safety of our employees has always been a cornerstone for Favini and this is confirmed by the relevant certifications. Our Rossano Veneto plant was in fact amongst the first in the sector to obtain certification according to BS OHSAS 18001 at the beginning of 2000, which later evolved into the current UNI ISO 45001 and since 2011 the safety management system became Group wide to include the Crusinallo plant.

Health and Safety management is implemented through the organizational structure in which, according to a risk assessment, we apply specific procedures and carry out targeted investments in line with the best available techniques aiming to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, to make the company the safest possible workplace.

Tangible actions include staff training in line with the level of risk of the job, the management of injuries, accidents and near misses, constant monitoring of data, the development of specific procedures to follow when undertaking high risk operations. One of the requirements of the 45001 standard adopted by Favini involves the active participation of workers.

We hold periodic meetings with the key figures for the management of safety in the company – Representatives of workers for safety, Prevention and protection service staff, our doctor and Head of prevention and protection service. We collect ideas and considerations from the workers that we translate into improvements of safety.

Safety first, targeting zero injuries in our organization.
employees actively involved in the Emergency Teams (2022 data)

For Favini, safety is a key topic not only for “when everything works” but also for when “things do not go as they should”. One in four employees volunteer to actively participate in the Emergency Teams after receiving the proper training.

The high percentage of uptake at all levels of our organization demonstrates the full awareness and high involvement of individuals: Each one can be helpful and makes a difference. Our First Aid and Firefighting teams are competently educated and periodically trained to face a possible incident, so that they can solve the problem or deal with it whilst waiting for the intervention of the external emergency services.

Our commitment to social sustainability is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations. In particular, our approach in this area respects the principles:

  • 3 health and well-being;
  • 5 gender equality;
  • 8 economic growth and employment;
  • 10 reduction of inequalities;
  • 12 promotion of sustainable models.

Explore our Sustainability areas to discover all the SDGs pursued by Favini.

The high percentage of uptake at Emergency Teams demonstrates the full awareness and high involvement of individuals
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