Paper from our Echosystem

Circular economy, innovative raw materials and certifications. Favini has brought together the most ecological papers on the market defining them as “Paper from our Echosystem”.

From the 90s onwards, our Research and Development department has been dedicated to developing papers that respect the principles of the circular economy, combining the concepts of sustainability and innovation. Over the years this process has been improved and refined, making it possible to create a very wide range of ecological papers which from today is called “Paper from our Echosystem”.

Our concept of sustainability

Example of packaging created with our Refit ecological paper for a jewellery brand

For Favini, modern packaging must not only be functional and aesthetically pleasing but must also have been created with respect for the environment, starting from the raw materials necessary to create it, such as paper.

Accordingly, we have studied products that stand out for their strong ecological credentials, which make the packaging highly sustainable, as well as beautiful and high functioning. For this reason, the papers marked with the Echosystem logo will have the guarantee of being environmentally friendly.

But what do we mean by environmentally friendly?

Papers with the Echosystem logo will have the following characteristics:

  • They are made with eco-innovative raw materials: recycled paper, materials for creative reuse such as textile or agro-industrial waste or alternative fibre sources such as bamboo.
  • They are zero-emission
  • Renewable energy is used
  • The papers are FSC ™ certified, are recyclable and biodegradable

In our range there are already 6 types of paper that respect the Echosystem principles. The celebrated Alga Carta which contains seaweed; Crush with agro-industrial waste; Remake with waste from leather processing; Refit made with residues from the textile industry; Shiro Echo 100% recycled paper and Tree Free which contains 75% bamboo and 25% cotton linters.

Why the term "Echosystem"? 

We borrowed this name from ecology and adapted it a bit.

The word ecosystem was chosen to represent a group of substances in a dynamic balance that interact with each other within an environment, just like Echosystem products.

Additionally, the expression was written specifically incorporating the letter “h”. As now it contains the word Echo to reflect Favini’s strong interest in the circular economy and therefore in redirecting and re-valuing waste materials that would otherwise have been destined for landfill.