A boost to innovation in Favini: New research laboratory

Favini, a historic paper mill specializing in graphic specialties for the luxury packaging and fine printing, is well-known in the market for the eco-innovative papers developed since the 1990s. To maintain this cutting edge position, a new research and development laboratory has just been inaugurated and is conveniently located within the Rossano Veneto plant between the production area and the sales and marketing team offices.

Over the last thirty years, Favini’s focus on innovation and environmental sustainability has given rise to patents and new products that are based on the principles of circular economy, industrial symbiosis and creative reuse.

The original range of Alga Carta, patented in 1992 transformed a problem into an opportunity. From the brilliant mind of Clemente Nicolucci came the idea of exploiting the overabundant algae that was damaging the Venice Lagoon to produce a revolutionary paper.

Achille Monegato subsequently took over the Research & Development department of Favini and over the years he has overseen numerous paper projects created with by-products from other industrial sectors: Crush, with agro-industrial residues, Remake, with leather waste, and Refit, with wool and cotton.

Today the Favini archive has over 350 industrial by-products tested in our laboratory and this number is constantly growing.

Thanks to their extensive in-house testing capabilities as well as a highly qualified specialist team, Favini is able to respond to the specific needs of the packaging and high-quality print market in an ever faster and more effective way.

Today, with the new laboratory and the new equipment, Favini is even more ready to respond to the challenges coming from the market and has more space to experiment with new paper furnishes and effects.

Favini collaborates with Italian and foreign universities and research institutions; the new laboratory will allow these relationships to flourish in an increasingly close and highly specialized way.

Andrea Favini, Export Sales & Marketing Director Graphic Specialties, explains: “Innovation is a concept that we strongly wanted to include in our Manifesto.

It is the driving force towards a future in which products can have an ever more positive impact on the environment and the market is able to be amazed by products with better technical performance and able to captivates the market.

This investment in the newly inaugurated laboratory represents the tangible side of our commitment to continuous innovation.

Achille Monegato, R&D Manager disclosed: “We decided to honour the contribution of two people who made a mark on the history of Favini innovation and signalled the direction towards the future: Clemente Nicolucci and Paolo Favini. The recently inaugurated R&D laboratory was named after them in recognition of their contribution to the first advancements in ecological papers and product lines that remain established in today’s market, such as Biancoflash and Burano, respectively these papers have become synonymous with high quality white and coloured papers.”