Shiro Echo

High quality 100% recycled and carbon neutral paper

Carbon Footprint Offsetting

The emissions generated by eco-friendly paper Shiro are fully offset thanks to Carbon Credits acquired by Favini to finance activities that can absorb CO2 in the atmosphere.

To offset the carbon footprint of Shiro, Favini chose to fund a project in Turkey.

The Akbük Wind Farm Project involves the development of 31.5 MW onshore wind farm in the region of Aydın Province, Didim District in Turkey. The Project involves the installation of 15 turbines and the development of a high voltage transmission line between the proposed project area and the national grid with the production of 105 GWh/year.

The annual emission reductions are estimated as 67,570 tCO2 eq/years. The project contribution to sustainable development consists in reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions, creation of local employment and contribution to the reduction of pollutants such as sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides. 

Certificate (PDF)