The eco-friendly paper with agro-industrial waste

Making Crush

It’s taken our product management team 18 months to develop, test, produce and patent the revolutionary environmental Crush range.

We’d already created a paper range using a method of reusing organic residues for Alga Carta. Algae from the Venice lagoon was reprocessed and added to the paper rather than sending it to landfill.

We thought if we could do it once, we could do it again.



Produced using 100% green energy


Organic products replace 15% of tree pulp

At a time of increasing scarcity, using organic residues relieves pressure on forest resources

This time we chose a mix of fruits and nuts to create a natural range of coloured papers. The result is an exciting range of subtle papers that help to give new life to products that would normally be added to animal food and fertilisers, or simply dumped in landfill.

The whole process takes place at our Rossano Veneto plant near Venice. The organic residues are processed with recycled and virgin pulp, using Favini’s very own electricity from our hydroelectric plant.


Content includes 40% post-consumer recycled waste


What contains Crush?

Crush incorporates ten organic residues that inspire the natural range of colors, citrus fruits, grapes, corn, olives, coffee, kiwi fruits, hazelnuts, almonds, cherries, lavender, cocoa and coconut. We are convinced that they are so good that they can almost be eaten!

Find out how we got Crush ready for launch