Alga Carta

The paper created by the upcycling of polluting algae

Inspiring and provoking interest and emotions ever since its introduction in the 90’s, it is more relevant than ever in today’s world. Alga Carta is the paper created from algae that, by its abnormal proliferation, was damaging the fragile ecosystem of the Venice Lagoon. Favini patented the production process capable of using algae to produce ecological paper according to the principles of circular economy. Even today, the same method is used for the creative reuse (upcycling) of overabundant algae from marine environments in other parts of the world.

Alga Carta is the forefather to a range of sustainable papers, made using by-products from other production chains that partner with Favini following an industrial symbiosis model. Eco-innovation aims to extend the life of resources and decrease virgin raw material use, without compromising aesthetic and technical performance.

The printing and converting ability of Alga Carta makes it ideal for any creative, publishing and packaging project. The seaweed particles are visible on the surface to give a unique natural look.

Alga Carta is recyclable, biodegradable, FSC™ certified and made using EKOenergy, the renewable energy self-produced in our hydroelectric plant. Furthermore, the unavoidable residual emissions have been zeroed.

FSC certified


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