A new range of fashion conscious eco-friendly papers

All about Crush

We’re excited about Crush – our new range of eco-friendly paper designed for packaging and creative work.

The range has been given a distinctive flecked texture and appearance by adding process residues from fruits and nuts. It’s an ingenious idea that replaces up to 15% of virgin tree pulp.


The Crush story: how paper is made from oranges

Watch our video see the process of turning oranges into Crush.

Crush video

Crush is true to Favini’s spirit - produced and designed with Italian flair

Our unique achievement is in creating an innovative paper that contains organic material that has optimal results in all major print and finishing processes and has the added benefit of outstanding green credentials.

We think Crush is the ultimate choice in eco-friendly paper that looks, feels and performs beautifully. From corporate literature and publishing to perfumery packaging and mailing, why don’t you make it your first choice?

Find out what we crush
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