Security Papers

Brand protection with Favini Secure Suite

Secure Suite is the modular range developed by Favini that includes the following security features that can be used either individually or in combination for even greater protection.

General security features


Favini offers single and double tone (shadow) watermarks as standard featuring the “S” and “double S” design. Enhanced security can be achieved through the use of bespoke watermarks. Customisation can include company logos or security marks of varying complexity. Size and pattern repeat can be adjusted to suit the application.

The fibres are very small synthetic threads in fixed widths and lengths, randomly distributed in the paper. They can be visible or invisible to the naked eye and viewed with daylight or UV-lighting.

Favini security papers can be chemically treated to react to attempts at forgery or unauthorised alteration of a security document by changing colour. Solvents, acids, alkali and oxidizing agents cause an indelible mark on paper.

Instant verification systems


Favini can add to the paper micro-elements invisible to both daylight and UV lamp. The tiny dots are visible only with a special instrument applying a specific light. Secure-Dust can be considered as a reserved security feature.

Favini has developed a simple system of instant verification, using Secure-Check Marker with a special chemistry that reacts to the agent inside papers. To verify security documents that are made with Secure-Check, the paper will change colour when the marker is run over it – if there is no reaction, the paper is counterfeit!

Secure-Zap permits immediate verification of the paper. Favini can integrate into the paper a special and invisible chemical that is only identified with a laser pen working in a specific pre-determined spectrum or with an acoustic device. The laser illuminates the paper with a green light and the acoustic device emits a sound if the paper is the original made with Secure-Zap.

Security special features



Secure-Skin, a unique micro embossing. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye and to the touch, it embeds a micro text visible only with a 15x or more powerful lens. Secure-Skin can be applied to paper bringing an additional security feature assuring a higher anti-counterfeit protection to bank and ID documents, certificates, labels, tickets, etc. To give further protection to individual brands Favini can also develop customized designs to meet the specific needs.