Favini offers a variety of embossing designs to create classic linen, stripes, leather and hammer effect, as well as the new micro-embossed finishes inspired by nature and geometry.

We added them to some of our brands – Biancoflash, Classy Covers, Remake, Lunar and The Tube – but for small minimum quantities we can apply them to almost all our papers.

Please contact us for information about a customised product and for requesting the new Embossed swatch: info@favini.com

The swatch Embossed brings together our texture possibilities. Choose your colour, weight and paper characteristics and we will combine them with your favorite texture to achieve a high quality paper or board suitable for covering, packaging or any other graphical application.

Classic Linen LN

Fine Linen FN

Hammer HM

Leather LT

Millennium MN

Pinwave PW

Stripe ST

Toilè TL

Telato TT

Waves WV

Carapace CR

Crest CS

Hexagons HX

Hide HD

Highlands HL

Safiano SF


Secure-Skin (zoom)

Embossing for security papers

Our experienced R&D department continues to develop new and innovative solutions to meet the ever changing and highly technical needs of security applications and brand protection.

Find out more on Secure-Skin