Fine Papers

Select the right paper for your job

Mirage  Mirror gloss surface, fully bio-based  

Tokyo  The paper that comes from Japan  

Tree Free  The paper from renewable annual crop sources  

Refit  The new fashion conscious paper from cotton and wool  

Crush  The eco-friendly paper with agro-industrial waste  

Remake  The up-cycled paper from leather residues  

Shiro Echo  High quality 100% recycled and carbon neutral paper  

Alga Carta  The paper created by the upcycling of polluting algae  

Sumo  The heavy heavyweight  

Lunar  The tactile metallic  

The Tube  Smoothly tactile and dead-flat matt  

Burano  A range of 35 high quality colours  

Biancoflash  The Italian word for whiteness and quality  

Digital  Smooth, textured, cast coated and metallised options  

Prisma  Classic felt-marked paper.  

Twill  Superior linear felt-marked paper  

Majestic  Metallic and satinated paper and board  

Dolce Vita  Surface engineered for high definition print  

Classy Covers  Ideal papers for books, binders and packaging  

Bindakote  Prestigious cast coated papers and boards  

Astralux  Ultrawhite cast coated  

Favini Art  Drawing and artist quality papers  

Contact Pack  High quality board  

Laguna  Classic parchment paper  

Lightset  A collection of coloured papers for everyday use  

Aralda  A natural finish with specialist wet strength label option  

Cover Line  For covering and box wrapping  

Contact Laid  A classic laid range  

Sahara  An ivory coloured range of paper  

Twist  Combining strength with good looks  

Softy  Feels like cloth yet behaves like paper