The Italian word for whiteness and quality

Biancoflash is the Italian word for whiteness and quality and the name for our original brand of calendered paper. It’s available in four shades – including a new natural white called Natural – and four embossed styles. If you’re looking for the smoothest and brightest white paper, Biancoflash Premium is the perfect choice.

Biancoflash paper is a hugely versatile range for design and high-end print. Print quality is superb, and the range even includes papers certified for HP Indigo.
With Biancoflash Premium, the ink doesn’t just sit on the surface and look shiny, nor does it sink in and lose definition. It provides the optimum surface for a perfectly-balanced result. Discover Biancoflash Premium calendered paper for an excellent printing experience.

FSC certified

(Premium, Natural, Ivory and Embossed certified

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