Sumo: the premium board that exceeded the two-dimensionality

SUMO is the new special graphics “of thickness” that abandons the classical two-dimensional effect of paper to come as close as possible to 3D.

The department of Research & Development of Favini has exploited the third dimension of paper to create new volumes.

The constant commitment in the development of new quality materials allowed us to create this product, where the thickness of SUMO makes it unique and immediately recognizable in the market.

With this superior quality board, we no longer speak of microns, but millimeters, offering the possibility to choose between 1, 1.5, 2 up to 3 mm. The new product of Favini is ideal for an incisive style communication. In a context where the consumer is subject to an information overload, brand owners should try to emerge and to convey their image in a distinguishable manner. That’s why the search for new materials and new pack solutions are increasingly sought after in the world of packaging.

According to recent statistics, heavier paper grades can increase response rates by 48% over light weight paper grade.


So thickness not only meets the needs of a brand in order for to be noticed in a store, but it becomes an important factor for consumers purchase choice too.

Essential style is evoked with shades of soft white and a timeless elegance of black. Sumo is also available in dark blue, kraft brown, red, dark and light grey. Favini focused particular attention to the feel that the surface transmits through touch, combining both for great visual and tactile impact.

Sumo is a material of a certain consistency, with a considerable thickness and a considerable tenacity; these characteristics are transmitted indirectly to the printout, reinforcing the message that you want to communicate.

Labels for clothing, invitations, covers, creative packaging, exclusive displays and window signs are just a few of the many applications of Sumo.

Hot foil, letter press, silk-screen or digital printing in UV large format are some of the recommended print techniques and finishes that guarantee impressive results for an incisive communication.