28 June 2022

Mindful or Mind full? The eleventh edition of Posterheroes is here!

Update: new deadline 30th September 2022

When was the last time you learnt something new? Hopefully today. Equal access to education and knowledge is one of the pillars of today's society.

“Mindful or Mind full” is the new theme for the Posterheroes 2022 competition which asks the international creative community to express their vision on the theme of education using slow approaches with a 70 × 100 cm poster.FAVINI, the PLUG association and ITCLIO are partners for the design and organisation of the celebrated Posterheroes competition which is launching its eleventh competition brief this year.

Below you will find the brief for the 2022 edition and how graphic designers, creatives and designers will be able to take part in the competition.

The brief of the eleventh edition

Given our current, ever-changing reality, learning no longer belongs to one specific phase of life. Rather, today, people are continually required to retrain, improve and renew their skills, to keep up with this new pace. But, in a society where being performative is perceived as a priority, how can slowness be seen as a constituent that favours learning?

We applaud questions over answers, observations over assessments, changes in perspective over points of view, and self-reflection over criticism. We allow students to explore the world smoothly, at their own speed. We slow down the pace of learning.

For too long, competitiveness has guided the educational process, in some cases promoting extreme individualism and aggressive attitudes. To promote peace, the development process should be centred on cooperation and solidarity.

Hence the organizers of Posterheroes want to trigger a global reflection of graphic designers, designers, students and professionals on the theme of slow and inclusive education.

How can we transform existing learning and training methods?

How can we address the limitations of the current model?

How could we re-imagine the future of learning?

How to participate in the Posterheroes graphics competition

Participants will have from 1 July until 20 September to submit their graphic project by uploading their 70x100cm poster onto the website www.posterheroes.orgAn international jury, comprising graphics, art and communication experts, will have the task of selecting the 40 winning posters.In addition, a monetary prize of € 2,500 will be awarded to the creator of the work that best interprets the values ​​of “Mindful or Mind Full?” plus a selection of the forty winning posters will create the calendar and catalogue of the current edition, designed and created by the PLUG association and by Favini.The international jury of this edition is composed by:Mirko IlicElisa TalentinoTruly DesignSebastian KonigSeyyedmehdi MousaviCoco CerrellaAdaptErretresLucio SchiavonMarco Goran Romano

Calling all creatives, graphic artists and designers - Are you ready to get to work?