29 May 2024

Favini presents Refit Denim

Milan, 21st May 2024 – Favini, an historic paper company that has always been a pioneer in the circular economy, presents Refit Denim, the new GRS certified paper made with over 50% pre- and post-consumer recycled waste. The recipe includes 25% cotton textile processing waste and used jeans.

Refit Denim is part of the Refit range, Favini’s distinctive brand for the production of paper with textile waste content. The other two lines in the range are Refit Cotton and Refit Wool, with pre-consumer waste from cotton weaving and wool carding. Starting today, the entire Refit offer is GRS certified.

The aesthetics of Refit Denim reflect its origin: Jeans. The production process begins with the selection of pairs of jeans at the end of their life, from which all extraneous elements such as zips, buttons, labels and synthetic threads are eliminated. The residual fabric is defibrated, cut and integrated into the paper production process, mixed with cellulose fibres.

Thanks to Favini’s thirty years of experience in the circular economy applied to paper, Refit Denim was created, and comprises:

  • 25% textile waste (pre and post consumption)
  • 50% pre- and post-consumer recycled content (textile and cellulose)
  • FSC™ certified cellulose fibre

Hydroelectric energy is used for the production of Refit; the residual unavoidable emissions are offset by Carbon Credit. Being also recyclable and biodegradable, Refit’s superior ecological characteristics place this brand in Favini’s most environmentally conscious collection: Paper from our Echosystem.

Refit Denim is available in three weights, one colour and two finishes: smooth and felt, marked with a design that reproduces the texture of jeans.

The entire Refit range, including the new Denim line, is GRS certified to guarantee controlled use of recycled materials.

Refit Denim: A new frontier in sustainable paper production, which combines Favini’s innovation with attention to the environment and recycling.