Favini Mirage: the bio-based alternative for mirror effect paper

Rossano Veneto (Italy), 09 May 2023 – Favini, the Italian paper mill with a constant vocation for eco-innovation, presents the new paper Mirage with a mirror surface, developed with bio-based raw materials.

There is increasing emphasis on the scarcity of resources and, thanks to a Favini R&D project, a new paper has been developed which presents itself as a more ecological alternative in its category.

The mirror effect of Mirage is available in 7 colours and is obtained by combining a biodegradable and bio-based bioplastic film with an uncoated pulp-coloured board. The result is a range of FSC™ certified boards in 400 g/m2, and also in 120 g/m2 for the silver option.

Mirage is a paper designed for high-end packaging, as well as for invitations and other printed matter that need to amaze and stand out.

All of Favini’s communication – from its dedicated website, its social media campaign, including the visual booklet that combines print with storytelling – plays on an original interpretation of Alice in Wonderland and its sequel Alice through the Looking Glass, specifically to highlight the key feature of Mirage, namely its mirrored surface.

To discover the ecological characteristics, the colours available and the promotional contents, please visit the website https://www.favini.com/mirage/ or visit Favini booth E49 – E51 at Packaging Premiere Milano from 16 to 18 May.