Unleash your creativity with Crush, now available in A4 size!

Have you ever imagined printing a menu, an invitation or a greeting card on the skin of a grape or the shell of a hazelnut? From today you can!

Attention on environmental protection is a progressively central issue, also thanks to the greater awareness of consumers who require increasingly sustainable products. To accommodate this growing trend we have created a new size for our eco-friendly Crush paper –  now available in A4 reams! So why not try to be kinder to the environment even when we give space to creativity?

For artists and creatives of all ages looking for a sustainable, beautiful and functional product, our eco-friendly Crush A4 reams will be your ally. Start creating with environmentally friendly coloured cards!

What are the ecological features?

Crush paper contains agro-industrial residues that cannot be used in other sectors; it is the paper made with fruit and flowers the essence of nature and sustainability! Its recipe includes 12 special ingredients: cocoa, citrus, grape, corn, coffee, cherry, lavender, hazelnut, almond, olive, kiwi and coconut! These ingredients make up 15% of the paper, exploiting the principles of circular economy and upcycling.

After being used in their primary industries and therefore having exhausted their function, they are recovered by Favini and instead of ending up in landfill they are used to produce paper. But it doesn’t stop there! Crush also contains 40% post-consumer recycled cellulose, it is FSCTM certified and recyclable. The paper is produced with renewable energy and it is carbon neutral. These Crush paper reams conform to the characteristics of Paper from our Echosystem.

What are the technical features?

Crush card is available in 12 colours each corresponding to their 12 original ingredients. From the creamy white of corn to the black of coconut, passing through brighter shades such as cherry red or olive green! The reams, available in A4 size, contain 50 sheets. The paper weight is 250 gsm, with a semi-matte surface that is slightly rough to the touch. Choose whether to cut, print, colour or write with your new creative ally.

What are the possible uses?

The uses of the new Crush card are endless; the only limit is your imagination! Thanks to the wide range of colours, it will accompany you on all your creations. How about using it for your next scrapbooking project? Its tactility will make it unique! Keep the memories through this creative art and use the paper to accent it all.

Or create greeting or thank you card for friends or relatives in a more original and colourful way.

Choose Crush for your DIY wedding invitations. Have fun imagining, designing and creating them, add flowers and decorations and that’s it! Or print the menu of your dinner parties at home and welcome your guests, ideal for summer evenings.

Reuse its wrapper to colour, paint, write, sketch or wrap your gifts. Finally put it in the paper collection. As the circular economy teaches, recycling continues … Have fun!

Be inspired by Crush's A4 reams: sustainable and playful are perfect for your free time!

Crush is also available in 70×100 format for the B2B market, ask for it if you are a printing professional or for projects with large runs.


Each card has its own circular history. We have dedicated a space on our blog to each element. Would you like to know more? Click on your favourite element and discover its story: from the field to the card.










almonds and hazelnuts