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Packaging made by DS Smith and Favini
for Veuve Clicquot wins the Formes de Luxe prize

26 Oct

The French wine house entrusts Favini to create an ecological paper made of grape skin.

Luxepack Veuve Clicquot Favini Prix Formes De Luxe 2015 Naturally Clicquot 3 DS Smith

The prestigious Veuve Clicquot champagne maker has been awarded the Formes de Luxe prize with Naturally Clicquot 3. This new 100% biodegradable and recyclable packaging combines both innovation and elegance and was created in collaboration with Favini and DS Smith.

Every year this prestigious prize is awarded to the most innovative and creative packaging and is selected from a group containing the best internationally renowned companies. This year, the Naturally Clicquot 3 entry distinguished itself from the hundreds of other packaging materials brought to the attention of the jury and has won this much sought-after recognition.

Naturally Clicquot 3 comes from a creative reuse of byproducts from Veuve Clicquot’s own champagne production process. By implementing their vision to continually reduce their environmental impact, now means that after being pressed, the residue of grape skins can be used in a new way.

Thanks to Favini’s know-how in the creation of papers made of residues from agro-industrial productions, the skin is dried and then milled to become a raw material for the production of a unique ecological paper, saving 25% of virgin pulp.

To obtain the innovative paper used in the Veuve Clicquot ecological packaging, Favini introduces the residues into the paper production cycle, mixing them with water and natural fibres, which in turn reduces the use of cellulose from trees.

Luxepack Veuve Clicquot Favini Prix Formes De Luxe 2015 Naturally Clicquot 3 DS Smith

The new Naturally Clicquot 3 packaging is a unique product that gives a new life to the production residues from one of the most renowned champagnes, whilst replacing a quarter of virgin fibre use. Moreover, in perfect harmony with this ecological paper, the graphics are printed using solvent-free paints and labels adhered with a sugarcane-based compound.

Thanks to hundreds of hours of research, improvement processes and a 25-five-year long experience in the sector of alternative raw materials, Favini has proven itself to be the ideal partner for Veuve Clicquot in realizing the first presentation box made of grape skin. In fact the French wine house has always been keen on innovation and constantly searches for new environmentally friendly solutions.

For more information on the Naturally Clicquot 3 and on the reuse of waste materials visit the site:

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