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Lunar: the new Favini paper of great charm

26 Sep



Favini, a global leader in fine innovative specialties for the packaging of products made by leading world groups in the luxury and fashion industry, announces the launch of LUNAR, the new tactile metallic. Lunar is ideal for packaging and creative work, with its refined style created by a textured micro embossing that relays a surprisingly subtle tactile effect.

This special metallic paper was presented for the first time at Luxe Pack Monaco 2016, showing a shimmering display of its precious glow with minimal chic allure. The light reflectance is due to the combination of metallic pigments with the surface structure of fine lines and patterns. It is this micro embossing that helps to evoke the luminescence of moonlight, as well as giving an ethereal elegance. In fact this surprising multi-sensory experience occurs without any disturbance to the printed image.

The colour range consists of seven colours that are inspired by the phases of the moon. The tints reflect the candid White of a full moon, the deep Black of a new moon while the phases between are represented through the soft shades of Platinum, Sage, Mauve, Navy and Silver.

All Lunar shades are available in two surface finishes: Nexus, reminiscent of satin fabric and Mini, whose micro-emboss confers a softer feel.

From a technical performance, the micro embossing textures of Lunar have been developed in order to make the most scuff and fingermark-resistant material, for impeccable results.

The wide range of weights enables Lunar to be suitable for most luxury and creative applications. Specifically, Lunar is available in 115 g/m2 one-sided coated, 120 g/m2, 240 g/m2 embossed on both sides up to 340 g/m2.

Examples of applications are: exclusive prints, shopping bags, tags, packaging, box lining, box construction, all intended for the world of luxury, fashion and cosmetics and is designed to work for all manner of creative solutions.

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