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Leather to paper:
out of Favini research comes REMAKE

21 Oct

Favini confirms its commitment to luxury by presenting a new paper made out of fibres obtained from leather-making processes.

Remake Favini swatch e visual book

Favini, a global leader in the use of natural raw materials to produce innovative graphic specialties for the packaging of fashion and other luxury goods, presents REMAKE, the revolutionary paper that includes fibres obtained from leather-making processes.

This innovative paper is produced with 25% by-product from the leather goods industry, 30% FSC-certified post-consumption recycled cellulose, and 45% FSC-certified virgin cellulose fibre.

The result is a luxurious, recyclable and 100% biodegradable paper that offers excellent print and conversion performance, making it suited for a wide range of applications, from brochures and cards to shopping bags and packaging for the fashion, luxury and creative applications.

In addition, the leather particles that are visible on the surface of the paper give it a distinctive look and a soft, surprisingly velvety feel, making it ideal for the most creative of projects.

Remake Favini paper

The production process for REMAKE is a perfect example of up-cycling. This complex process transforms the waste material into a high-value product ideal for luxury packaging.

In keeping with Favini’s green philosophy, the production of REMAKE saves an estimated 25% of greenhouse gas emissions compared to another paper with similar characteristics. Any unavoidable emissions are then offset in their entirety by the carbon credits which are purchased by Favini. These credits finance valued projects whose primary objectives will improve the environment by absorbing CO2 in the atmosphere.

“Currently, leather industry waste is used to produce a regenerated leather or as fertilizer, and a portion is sent to landfill. Favini has developed a new process for the treatment of leather by-products in order to obtain a recyclable, biodegradable product that can be combined within traditional paper-production techniques. Our research and development labs never stop testing potential sources of industrial waste for use in the production of new papers. We are proud to have been able to achieve such a high-quality paper containing leather by-products. Thanks to REMAKE, we can increase our focus on high-value products for niche markets and on methods for reusing the by-products of other manufacturing segments,” said Eugenio Eger, CEO Favini.

Remake Favini paper

Favini has selected the exclusive international packaging-industry trade show LUXE PACK (Monte Carlo, Monaco; 21-23 October 2015 – Hall Verriere, Stand VA13) for the launch of REMAKE.


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Leather to paper: out of Favini research comes REMAKE

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