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Favini wins at the European Paper Recycling Awards 2017 for Remake.

19 Oct

The award winning paper Remake, created by an upcycling process, confirms itself at the top of luxury packaging as shown by the choices of Louis Vuitton, Benetton and Vivienne Westwood.

Favini receives the award at the European Parliament in Brussels.

European Paper Recycling Award

Favini announces success of their win at the European Paper Recycling Awards 2017. Favini Remake paper, born from an upcycling process of leather residues received the award at the 6th edition of the European Recycling Paper Council’s (ERPC) prestigious biennial award.

The award is aimed at companies and institutions, associations, schools, universities and NGOs who have implemented information and education projects, or technology improvement and R&D research aimed at improving paper recycling. Using this initiative, the ERPC wishes to turn the spotlight on innovative projects such as Favini Remake, which changes the way of thinking about paper recycling and contributes to their goal of 74% of European paper being embraced within a recycling loop by 2019.

United Colors of Benetton clothing tags in Remake

European Recycling Paper Council has rewarded Favini Remake, the innovative paper that replaces 25% of wood tree pulp with leather by-products and includes 40% recycled pulp with 35% FSC virgin cellulose fibres.

The resulting paper made from an upcycling process is 100% recyclable and compostable, and perfectly suited for the production of a variety of applications; from brochures, shoppers, swing tags and packaging that is dedicated to the world of fashion and luxury. The leather residues, which remain visible on the surface, give the paper its distinctive look and its amazing soft and velvety feel, making this special paper ideal for the most creative projects.

Louis Vuitton shopping bags with deep blue logo in hot foil on Remake Sand

In addition to the recognition from the ERPC, famous brands also appreciate the quality of Favini’s Remake: Benetton Group, the well-known Italian clothing company, chose Remake for all the swing tags of United Colors of Benetton, in appreciation of their sustainability campaign; Vivienne Westwood, the icon of British fashion, has produced exclusive packaging, whilst for Louis Vuitton, the French luxury brand, we have created their own personal version of Remake Sand using their own leather by-products to make elegant shopping bags

Remake Smoke for Vivienne Westwood packaging printed with black matt hot foil

The awards ceremony took place last night at the European Parliament in Brussels. On stage to receive the award was Eugenio Eger, Favini CEO, and Michele Posocco, Favini Brand Manager. The innovative paper Remake has been selected by a quality jury, made up of industry experts, journalists and members of the European Parliament. Their judgment was based on specific criteria such as relevance and originality, performance, ability to replicate the project as well as its cost effectiveness.

“Receiving this prestigious award attests the excellence of our company in combining innovation and respect for the environment. Our R&D laboratory, for over twenty years, has been involved in testing of high quality papers containing new alternative materials from various different supply chains. Our approach allowed us to create innovative papers that are appreciated by renowned companies, providing them with exclusive materials which are designed to celebrate, including through presentation packaging, excellence.” said Eugenio Eger, Favini CEO.

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