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The winner of “Shaping the Future” has been unveiled!

20 Apr

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Favini, together with IED European Institute of Design and PLUG association, unveils the winning poster and the 40 commended entries in the Posterheroes competition “Shaping the Future”.


Posterheroes is an international graphics and social communication competition, created in 2010, highlighting social and environmental issues. It aims to involve mainly young people from both the national and international community.

During these seven editions, 5855 posters were entered from 73 different countries.

An international jury of distinguished professionals select the winning posters each year.

Shaping the Future

This year Posterheroes with “Shaping the Future” asked the international creative community to express their own vision of the future with a 70×100 cm poster.

The future of tomorrow can be and must be interpreted through today’s choices: in fact too often, we hide behind the excuse of the present with an egocentric and selfish vision, ignoring the effect of our actions on future generations.

Many of the challenges we will face in the medium-long term are already well known and are rooted in the current lifestyle: the future is still unknown, but we can be sure that the challenges will not be resolved just in the inexorable flow of time but will require energy, participation, intuition and human dedication.

Shaping the future Posterheroes 2018 Favini
(Posters by Naandeyé García Villegas, Julius Tuvenvall, Silvia Mauri, Cristina Damiani)

The seventh edition “Shaping the Future” was considered by artists from all over the world: Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, India, United States, Mexico, Russia, Kazakhstan and of course Europe. Participation of entries were received from Denmark, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Sweden.

The 40 selected posters

An international jury, comprised of graphic, art and communication experts, had the difficult task of selecting the 40 winning posters from almost 3000 participants. Especially in assigning a special mention, accompanied by a monetary prize of €2,500, to the creator of the artwork that best interpreted the values of “Shaping the Future”.

Shaping the future Posterheroes 2018 Favini 1
(Posters by: Gessica De Oliva, Gianluca Natale, Zhuang Yirong, Francesco Ibrahim)

The winning artwork of Shaping the Future

Finally, we reveal the competition winner: Melania Branca, 24, originally from Reggio Calabria, where she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, and now an adopted Florentine, as this is where she now studies design.

 “Fashion in the Future” is the winner of Shaping the Future!

“Fashion in the Future” is the winner of Shaping the Future!

Melania’s “Fashion in the Future” poster is an ironic vision of the fashion of the future. It is where in a world that is characterized by pollution that gas masks would become grotesque fashion accessory, like shoes and bags. An imagined way to protect people from the lack of clean air whilst always remaining “on fashion”! As if, in a future ruined by pollution, that image is more important than respect for nature.

The traveling exhibition at the IED institutes

All 40 selected posters will be published in the catalogue to accompany the exhibition, printed on Favini paper Remake. This item will become part of a traveling exhibition.

Shaping the Future catalog printed on Remake

“Shaping the Future” catalogue printed on Remake

Yesterday there was the opening ceremony of the Posterheroes exhibition at IED in Florence, where it runs until May 19.  All 40 winning posters will be on view.

However, it does not end here, the artworks selected to view at Shaping the Future in Florence remain as the champions of exhibition as it tours to the different IED locations!

See all the winning posters and the photos of the exhibitions in the album “Shaping the Future” on the Favini’s Facebook page.

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