The power of bamboo with Tree Free

26 May

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The ‘Brilliant Bamboo’ visual book celebrates the versatility of a precious and exceptionally sustainable material; bamboo. Illustrations, photographs, objects reproduced with different print and finishing techniques on Tree Free, the paper made of bamboo and cotton.
Tree Free is also produced with renewable energy and any unavoidable emissions have been offset.

Discover the new make-up of Tree Free: 75% bamboo, 25% cotton linters.

After the presentation of the individual qualities of the raw resources which make up Tree Free, you can discover below the concept behind the visual book ‘Brilliant Bamboo’ and the print techniques used to tell the story and the potential of this raw material.

‘Brilliant Bamboo’: is the concept for the visual book for the Tree Free paper range.

In Asia, bamboo holds a special place in the economic, social and cultural fabric while globally it is becoming an increasingly important sustainable raw material.

To demonstrate the versatility of bamboo, different applications for its suitability are presented: stools, scaffolding for skyscrapers, design objects as well as for cooking, clothing and, of course, paper production. Few other materials lend themselves so easily to the ingenuity and creativity of the human being.

Photographs alternating with illustrations highlight the relevance of this element.

The illustrator Marcos Farina immortalized, through his unique and fun style, the use of bamboo in the kitchen where it is becoming increasingly appreciated.

Design studios are also starting to appreciate the unique characteristics of this material, using it to create objects that become works of art.

The Clear Cut Creation company has created bamboo toothbrushes, just one of the many possibilities.

The Chen Kuan Cheng studio has created a desirable designer stool which at the same time is a sustainable object.

Green Champ Bikes has chosen bamboo to create bikes for children designed to improve their balance.

Bamboo also has its uses in architecture, in the construction of large structures and for the creation of scaffolding for skyscrapers.

The print techniques used

Tree Free is obtained from renewable annual crops from which high quality fibres are obtained that give a smooth and natural appearance as well as a soft touch finish and high print performance making it suitable for print and fine packaging.

The visual book is a concrete example of the technical performance of its print capabilities; the pages have been enhanced with litho print, screen print and hot foil. ‘Brilliant Bamboo’ so demonstrating the results that can be achieved on Tree Free.

Bamboo can also be used to produce versatile fabrics, suitable for all seasons. The logo of this shirt has been reproduced using a metallic silver hot foil on Tree Free Natural 160g / m2; while the shirt is litho printed.

The silver hot foil was also used for the stamp details.

Finally, screen printing was also used to give the shine to these jewels of bamboo pearls.


Get inspired with ‘Brilliant Bamboo’, click and request your copy of the Tree Free sample and visual book to make your own upcoming creative projects with Favini sustainable paper that guarantees top-level performance in print and processing without compromise in terms of environmental sustainability.

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