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03 Jun

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“Becoming e-Quals” is the theme of the new Posterheroes 2021 competition which asks the international creative community to express their vision through a 70 × 100 cm poster on the theme of equality, understood as the possibility of accessing opportunities via connection to information systems.

FAVINI, the PLUG association and ITCLIO are partners for the design and organization of the celebrated Posterheroes competition which is launching its tenth edition this year.

The previous edition Posterheroes HUMAN AT WORK saw the participation of 2641 candidates, from 117 different countries, including: China Russia, Turkey, India, Iran, USA, Brazil …

Discover here more about the winners of the last edition 

Reading below you can find out about the brief for the 2021 edition and how graphic designers, creatives and designers are able to participate in the competition.

The “Becoming e-Quals” brief: the context given on which to reflect

Recent global events have drawn a new way of understanding normality, even the approach to digital has completely changed and it’s up to us to adapt. From this need, amplified by the pandemic but intrinsically linked to the progress of civilization, the urgency to address a very topical issue such as Digital Inclusion arises.

Visit to find out the full brief and rules of the Posterheroes competition.

From the data provided by Digital 2020 Reports, more than 4.5 billion people connect to the Internet every day, spending more than 40% of their day online; the Internet adoption rate is now close to 60% of the global population.[1]

Impressive numbers which, however, hide a contradiction. If 60% of the global population is online, then the remaining 40%, over 3 billion people, are currently disconnected. By analyzing this group of people further, we realize that gender issues and social status are far from equal.

Even in the face of such evidence, a global pandemic was “necessary” for even the most economically developed countries to experience the effects of digital exclusion. Smart Working and distance learning have compromised IT platforms, the (poor) digital culture and often underpowered infrastructures, but above all it has brought out the spectrum of discrimination, hitting once again not by chance, the weakest and most fragile sections of the population.

How to participate in the Posterheroes graphics competition

Participants have from 21 May until 25 June 2021 to deliver their graphic design by uploading their 70x100cm poster on the website 

An international jury, made up of graphics, art and communication experts, will have the task of selecting the 40 winning posters.

In addition, a monetary prize of € 2,500 will be awarded to the author of the work that best interprets the values of “Becoming e-Quals” and a selection of the forty winning posters will create the calendar and catalogue of the current edition, designed and built by the PLUG association and by Favini.

Are you a creative, a graphic or a designer ready to get to work? Click to find out how to participate.


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