18 December 2023

The Posterheroes Calendar 2024

Calendar 2024 concludes the 12th Posterheroes competition

Favini, the Plug association, and ITCLIO are the organizers of Posterheroes, a competition that originates in Italy and gains its worldwide exposure by inviting creatives to represent socially relevant themes in 70 x 100 cm posters.

Whilst the previous edition was dedicated to Slow Education, the latest – and twelfth edition – is titled Beautifully Diverse, Redefining Disability. It engaged creatives in representing disability in a different manner, normalizing it whilst simultaneously highlighting the concept of diversity that is inherent to all human beings.


It is time to transcend the normal and embrace the beauty of diversity.

The 2023 edition has achieved huge success, with 2176 posters submitted compared to the 1967 for the previous edition, coming from 101 different countries. From these entries, 40 winners were selected by an international jury comprising experts from the  graphics, art, and communication world. Additionally, two Highly commended honours were awarded by Favini and the Time2 Foundation.

The 2024 Calendar close up

Twelve illustrations from the forty winners have been selected for the print version of the 2024 Posterheroes Calendar. Within the pages, the eyes and hands of twelve artists have uniquely depicted the concept of disability as diversity within the human race. This diversity is expressed in the Calendar through both the illustrations and their associated meanings, as well as by the Favini papers and print techniques used.

The result is a one-of-a-kind calendar, fascinating to discover and explore both visually and physically.

The folder containing the Posterheroes 2024 Calendar is Singer sewn and made with Favini Paper. The calendar features a unique and notably large spiral binding, which stands out due to the sheet dimensions. The cover, contents page, and twelve illustrations have been printed on different Favini papers that change within the calendar in terms of type, weight, finish, and colour.

This selection of different papers allows the showcasing of a variety of print techniques for the illustrations and at the sametime conveys the full expression of the diversity to which this edition is dedicated.

A look and feel of individual months

The variety of illustrations and papers is accompanied by different print techniques creating a pause to allow observation and reflection on the artworks and their meanings. Hot foil, litho, silk-screen print are some of the techniques used, and here are some of the most interesting illustrations from this perspective.

In the month of April, Benedetta Pavan’s illustration was printed on Favini’s Tree Free Bamboo Natural 200 g/m2. The text is criss-crossed by graphical lines to visually express the concept. The print techniques used include litho, noteworthy for the full colour coverage of the white sheet, while a line of gold foil runs across the illustration.

Shifting to June, we encounter a space-themed environment by  Tomato Creative on Crush Cocoa 200 g/m2. The spatial effect and lunar setting were made possible through the use of silk-screen print – in white – and litho silver and shades of grey.

Finally, September is filled with the characters created by Michela Wu on Remake Sky 250 g/m2. Here, litho was used in colour overlays to cover areas of Remake Favini’s blue background.

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