17 January 2023

The Posterheroes 2023 calendar

Who won the 2022 Posterheroes competition?

Posterheroes is the competition that asks of the international creative community to respond and to express their vision on a social issue by creating a 70×100 cm poster.

FAVINI, the PLUG association and ITCLIO are partners for the planning and organization of the celebrated Posterheroes competition which has now reached its eleventh edition.

This year’s theme was related to education using slow approaches. In a society where being performing is perceived as a priority, how can slowness be seen as an element that promotes learning?

This year’s response to the competition brief was very high: we received 1,967 posters from 101 different countries! An international jury, comprising of experts from graphics, art and communication organisations, selected the 40 winning posters that were included in the Posterheroes 2023 calendar.

Amongst the eminent jurors who selected the entries were Mirko Ilić, Elisa Talentino, Truly Design, Sebastian König, Seyyedmehdi Mousavi, Coco Cerrella, Erretres, Lucio SchiavonMarco Goran Romano. Do you know them?

Once the posters were received and the competition winners were chosen, the Posterheroes calendar was then created. Each month is dedicated to one of the most deserving entries!

They are printed onto the most suitable Favini papers, individually selected to complement each work, then further enhanced by the many different print techniques specifically chosen.

Amongst the posters featured in the calendar is included the winning work: Mattia Riami won the prize of €2,500 for the “Mindful or Mind Full?” edition.

His work, which invites you to take your time, is printed on Tokyo, the new paper from Favini which has a special embossing and contains 40% recycled cellulose.

The Posterheroes 2023 calendar is presented inside a folder with singer thread stitched details. These folders are made using a mix of Favini papers for an even more colourful effect!

The internal pages of the calendar are also printed on different papers: colours, weights, finishes…

Read on further to discover more about some of the winning posters.

Gloria Di Bella’s work has been selected for the month of February. Taking the time to learn allows us to experience the art of learning new things with more serenity. The chosen paper is Dolce Vita, a matt coated paper which makes the colours of the image bright whilst maintaining the appearance of a natural paper finish. The print technique chosen for the poster is litho.

For the month of August, we find the work of Vladislava Ivanova, from Russia. Errors are an essential part of the learning process; every time we make a mistake we take a step towards our goal. The poster is printed on Crush Coconut, the upcycled paper created with coconut residues and 40% recycled cellulose. The chosen print technique is screen print.

The final month of the year is represented by Ritika Khinvasara’s submission poster from United States. People sail in a slow canoe on a sea of ​​knowledge, which itself is created by the words of a definition of Slow Education.

It is printed on Refit Cotton, the paper created using cotton waste and 40% recycled cellulose. The print technique used is litho enhanced with a black hot foil.

To see all of the other winning posters visit the Posterheroes website and follow us on social media channels; Winning works included in the Posterheroes calendar will be published every month!