The Posterheroes 2020 calendar

10 Jan

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The 2020 calendar “A poster for integration” represents 12 months of graphics and social commitment, with a selection of the best posters from Posterheroes.

Posterheroes is an international graphic and social communication competition, created in 2010 in collaboration with the PLUG association. Themed around social and environmental issues, this competition is especially targeted to involve the young creatives from the international design community.

Edition eight of Posterheroes competition

For the 2019 edition of the competition, Favini, together with PLUG association, asked the international creative community to express its own vision considering the theme “A poster for integration” by creating a 70×100 cm poster for the Posterheroes contest.

The theme chosen for the latest edition of the competition is integration. How important is migration and diversity for a nation? What does it mean to overcome the fear of the Other? These are some of the questions which the competition organizers triggered a global reflection.

An international jury composed of graphic, art and communication experts selected the most notable 40 posters from amongst almost 2,000 entries.

The selected artworks are published in the highly regarded 2020 calendar “A poster for integration”, printed entirely on Refit, the new ecological paper by Favini that contains 15% wool and cotton processing residues.

Find out more about Refit, Favini’s paper created by upcycling textile waste, read the article Refit: paper, fashion and circular economy.

The creative calendar printed on Refit: Favini’s ecological paper from innovative reuse of textile waste

Refit paper the chosen substrate to print the calendar, combined with litho and screen printing techniques, plays an integral role to the final print result.

Different surface textures are imparted from the presence of the 15% wool and cotton textile residues that make up the ecological Refit paper. The two versions of Wool and Cotton, add a unique tactile and visual sensation to the works printed on this new Favini paper that has been developed according to the principles of circular economy.

The cover of the Posterheroes 2020 calendar is formed by layering sheets of Refit: Wool Blue, Wool Black and Cotton Pearl these three colours of paper become the calendar cover and are obtained from the creative reuse of the wool and cotton processing residues. Directly beneath this elegant group of colours the concept and history of the competition, as well as the brief and the partners is revealed

Browsing through the months of 2020, we find the 12 posters selected from the 40 winners of the Posterheroes “A poster for integration” competition. It of course includes the winning poster created by Tommaso Gianno that has been reproduced on Refit Cotton White.

Tommaso Giano’s poster, winner of the “A poster for integration” edition of the competition. Printed on Refit Cotton White, questions what would happen if breaking down the walls were as easy as closing a window on your computer?

Inside the calendar, we find an exceptional selection of works of art made even more special by the printing techniques and the character of the Refit paper used as the support. In fact, each poster was enhanced by the specific choice of surface and colour from the new paper eco-friendly by Favini obtained from the upcycling of cotton and wool textile processing residues.

Refit Wool, with its characteristic light wool fibre surface contrasts with the dark shades of the paper, is a unique paper to both senses of touch and sight. We have printed Refit Wool Blue and Black for the posters selected for the months of January, May, August and October. Each respectively, designed by Mingliang Li, Fernando Cobelo, Imran Jhummun and Koorosh Karimi.

The other months of 2020 showcase the works printed on Refit Cotton, Favini’s ecological paper that is reminiscent for its “fresh laundry” feel. This version of Refit is characterized its content of dark cotton fibre residues onto the light shades of the paper, the resulting print cleverly blends the graphics and poster colours with the paper.

From left to right the illustrations are by Rachele Tonioni and Sofia Morawski, Wei Su, Antonio De Feo, Chiara Bertolin, Mario Estevez, Arvin Medghalchi and Alessio Corcio.

To protect and to carry the creative Posterheroes calendar, a special slip case in Refit was made. After use and of course in line with the upcycling logic from which Refit was born, we suggest finding alternative uses for it, for example as a folder for projects. Other ideas? Share them on Instagram #Favinipapers.

Detail of the Refit Wool Black calendar case, showing the Posterheroes logo using an embossing technique.

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