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26 Jan

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Receiving a postcard, letter or greeting’s card handwritten on paper has a unique charm.

In the era where almost everything has become more digital and in particular during the last year where we had to keep a social distance, relying on technology to communicate with friends and relatives, means to receive an envelope with a card designed and made specially for us by another person, transmits different emotions and sensations than a message sent by phone.

Recognizing the handwriting of a loved one, reading their signature and the words written with pen on paper is a personal, almost intimate thing, which gives the idea of human contact even without any direct contact.

In addition to the words written on the paper, we can transmit emotions and sensations through the material on which we entrust our message; the paper on which we write our thoughts and the envelope used to keep and send the message.

The process of writing a letter makes us rest on the beauty of the paper, on the elegance of the hand that slowly fills the white sheet with words.

There are those who even choose to hand make paper from scratch with cellulose such as used at Favini, to create unique cards embellished with small golden stars.

Which paper to choose to make a card?

The many possibilities of choice in paper and card can be found amongst Favini’s Graphic Specialties.

There are coloured, ecological, embossed, metallized papers ideal for all creative design projects and for making unique letters and greeting cards. Request samples and allow yourself to be inspired by our collection of Graphic Specialties.

Discover all Favini’s Graphic Specialties, click and request a sample.

For sending refined and sophisticated wishes, you can create your card with Lunar, the micro-embossed and metallic paper; if instead you want to convey elegance, quality and luxury with your invitation, you can choose to use card and envelopes from the sparkling metallic paper Majestic.

To be able to communicate your attention to the environment and sustainability through paper, as well as your love for nature and natural colours, you can choose from the varied portfolio of Favini’s ecological papers: Crush, Shiro, Remake and Refit.

Also if you do not want to go unnoticed, then with Sumo you cannot go wrong, the thick board ensures you a high impact card.

Paper can also enhance the words used to communicate an emotion or a state of mind. Through the many colours of the papers and boards of Burano and Prisma ranges you can choose the shade that best suits your message and brings the recipient into a world of colour.

In this article we have collected a selection of original and different greeting cards, each with their own unique style, each one will communicate something more than just words thanks to images, colours, calligraphy and above all thanks to the paper.

A special and ecological wish with Shiro Echo recycled paper for the bees of Madagascar

This year, the Favini Season’s greeting card was made with Shiro Echo, Favini’s new 100% recycled and zero-emission paper that supports a beekeeping project in Madagascar.

The Shiro Echo paper fits perfectly with the message and invitation contained on the back of the card: Separate the card along its perforations to obtain 3 new cards for reuse. A perfect example of creative recycling and reuse, just like the recycled fibres that are used to produce Shiro Echo 100% recycled paper.

The card is printed in white silkscreen with some details in gold hot foil to embellish the card and focus attention on the bee and the new year – 2021.

Shiro Echo is an environmentally friendly paper not only because of its ecological content, but also for the support for the beekeeping project in Madagascar, which is financed directly by the sale of Shiro Echo. Using this ecological zero-emission paper you can lower the ecological footprint of greetings cards, packaging, high-quality publishing and design projects, whilst at the same time contributing to a social project.

Minimal greetings with 100% recycled paper Shiro Echo Raw Black

Another card made with 100% recycled paper Shiro Echo is this one from Silk Pearce. In this case, the minimal design leaves space for the words and material to communicate the greeting message.

These greetings cards are printed on Shiro Echo, Favini’s ecological and sustainable paper due to its use of CO2 offsetting and fibres that are 100% recycled. Furthermore, Shiro Echo is FSC Recycled certified and it is a totally recyclable and biodegradable paper.

A card designed not to go unnoticed: Colour and silkscreen printing on Sumo thick board

An impressive graphic that when combined with the extra thick Sumo board, does not allow the greeting card of the creative design agency Ansichtssache to go unnoticed.

Made by screen printing with three colour passes on the Sumo White board, watch the video to discover a behind the scenes view of the production and print processes.

Thickness and brilliance for Vemek’s wishes on Favini’s Sumo and Majestic papers

The Vemek company sent wishes for a Happy New Year with their cards made on Favini’s Graphic Specialties of:  metallic paper Majestic in the Gardeners Green colour which was combined with 1.5mm thick Sumo White board. The union of these two papers, combined with its custom hanging decoration using a photoengraving technique, capture the attention.

The Vemek greeting card was made by Bassodesign agency with 1.5mm Sumo White combined with Majestic Gardeners Green 250gsm.


Have you also created cards using Favini papers?

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