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12 Sep

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Favini will participate at the 4th Packaging Innovations which is being held at Olympia London from 14th to 15th September.

Packaging Innovations is an event where the packaging industry comes together to exhibit the latest innovations available in the market. It aims to be the place to both inspire and where to discover the latest trends and technologies from the packaging world.

For Favini this is a vantage point where it’s possible to see and to touch the latest news on the world of packaging.

Packaging is a powerful communication tool as it not only engages through sight, but the other senses are then further stimulated through touch. The ability for customization and to create a luxurious appearance are some of the elements that embed the packaging experience as such a strong communication tool.

An innovative packaging piece can strengthen the perception that the consumer has about a product and may give an indication to provenance of the contents. So in following the current research for the most exclusive and trendy materials which make luxurious packaging, Favini has created new additions to its Classy Covers range.

New Swatch Classy Covers

Packaging Innovations Fair London is where Favini officially presents Classy Covers, the embossed paper which is perfect for all covering work and shopping bags.

Today the range has been enhanced with the new Millennium (MN) embossing. Available in six colours making the Classy Covers offer unique and exclusive.

This quality range is composed of strong embossed papers, created using kraft pulps along with pulp tinting, FSC certification, and finished with a surface enhanced with an anti-fingerprint treatment. The papers meet the highest standards required for foldability and scuff resistance and give excellent light fastness, guaranteed to ensure exceptional performance.


The “cloak” which is to surround, protect and showcase a product becomes so crucial, especially if it reflects a green philosophy. Indeed FSC certification is synonymous with credibility; vouching for environmental protection and also for the active involvement of local communities within such decision making processes.

Globally 66% of consumers prefer green packaging during their purchase choice. Nielsen research, 2015.

It’s a trend which is not to be underestimated. According to Nielsen research conducted in 2015, shows that 52% of Italian people choose environmentally friendly and a strong social communication responsibility in packaging as part of their purchase choice.
This percentage increases to 66% globally. It’s interesting to note that another recent study by Pointologic International Media Consultant reveals that young people recognize that the packaging is very influential (shape, design, info etc.) despite the digital age in which we live.

This shows that the package containing a brand does not lose its importance over time, on the contrary it will becomes a valued part of the experience for the consumer. It intrinsically becomes how a brand conveys information to endorse its ethos and benefits by appealing through multiple senses.

Favini is working on many new features to meet the needs of the market. You have just to wait and to stay tuned to discover our latest innovations. For a luxury that can be touched.

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