05 June 2023

Our results and commitment to the future: Sustainability Report for 2022

Favini’s journey towards sustainability began in the early 1990s, when, with pioneering vision, Favini launched the revolutionary Alga Carta introducing the concept of the creative reuse of residues from other supply chains within paper production. Since then this concept has expanded with countless variations making Favini the reference brand for high quality ecological papers.

Over the years, our awareness towards these issues has gradually grown to become one of the defining characteristics of our identity.

Today, it is no longer sufficient to just engage in sustainability practices, but it also becomes essential to communicate how these are implemented and correspond to the long-term strategy and vision.

Our sustainability report was therefore born as a communication and transparency tool for all who have contact with our business.

In the report we present an overview of the progress made by our company, the commitments for the future and the results achieved, highlighting the measures that we have taken in the environmental and social areas to improve ourselves.

Our history of sustainability was born in 1992 along with Alga Carta and still continues today

What will you find in the report? For example, our green numbers! Since 2009 we have started a programme to monitor our consumption, aimed at implementing practices to reduce them, with a view for continuous improvement. The results are collected in the document.

Our sustainability time-line and the certifications attained, up to our umbrella brand “Paper from our Echosystem” which contains all of our products with exceptional ecological qualities. What else? Favini’s economic and environmental responsibility, supported by data.

And finally the social responsibility section!

Aware of the important challenges that the changing socio-economic conditions and the fight against climate change imposes upon us, we are ready to face them and to transparently communicate our economic, social and environmental sustainability practices. The report concerns the entire Favini Group and was drawn up on a voluntary basis, adopting GRI standards as a reference in order to obtain quality sustainability reporting.