Bloody Mary by Talentino in Aperitivo Burano Favini

Screen printing, litho and hot foil

12 Oct

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We continue to explore the illustrations in the new Favini visual book on Burano’s many shades.

After enjoying the colourful journey of Aperitivo around the world, it’s time to guess the big names that are represented by the screen and litho print techniques on colours of Burano coloured paper.

A toast with Hemingway, Picasso, Heraclitus and Carnera: Aperitivo meets Arts, creativity and thought.

From the philosophers of ancient Greece, through the artists of the twentieth century and to the sport celebrities, today the Aperitivo habit continues to be present.
Are you able to guess who the characters are, represented on the pages of the visual book?

Anna Resmini in Aperitivo Burano Favini

The author of this work, Anna Resmini, gives us these hints on how to identify the famous characters along with the many famous drinks associated with them:

“Write the story of a lonely old fisherman, sipping a mojito at La Boteguita del Medio.
Paint the loneliness of Parisian life of the early 1900 enclosed in a glass of absinthe.
Ask existential questions about the inexorable change of all things by looking at a glass of wine.
Winner in the ring of World-class boxing matches, so popular he became, just mentioning his name ordered a cocktail at all the best Italian bars in the 1930s.”

The work is based on a double page spread of images that have been printed using two different techniques: the page on the left is litho printed (black, Pantone 374 and 876, white) on Burano Light Green, while the right hand page is a 3-colour screen printed on Burano Desert (opaque ink plus white, green – to match the left hand side paper colour – and black). The colour of the Burano paper intrinsically becomes part of the design.

“If I think of a woman who sips a drink I have an image that contains them both: Bloody Mary.” E. Talentino

Elisa Talentino, an artist who has worked for The New York Times, the Goethe Institut, D-Republic, wrote some words about her piece of art: “As far as I know, the famous cocktail takes its name from the grim Queen Mary Tudor; the cocktail glass is at the chest height, in front of the heart, emphasising the reason for her soubriquet of “Bloody Mary”.

"Bloody Mary" by Elisa Talentino

“Bloody Mary” by Elisa Talentino

To print the artwork and to give an elegance and charm to this queen, screen printing was the ideal technique.
4-colours have been applied: White, Cerulean Blue, a Metallic touch then a strong red. The paper is Burano Desert; the new shade that evokes the shades of earth and sand.

To print and do justice to the wonderful Resmini and Talentino illustrations was extremely challenging. As they are on the same page, the total number of print passes was six: the heat of the UV screen print oven, combined with the extreme temperatures of the Italian summer 2017 made keeping the paper and print registration complex.

Black Burano, is carbon black free, to allow for impeccable results with hot foiling. Try it!

Sonia Mion was asked to represent the bartender’s tools using a full page of hot-foil. The cocktail shaker, the quintessential tool, of course was her choice!

Shaker by Sonia Mion in Aperitivo Favini

The distinctive silver colour of the shaker has been reproduced on Black Burano by a silver hot foil.
Burano Black, the famous black paper, is perfect for any use: since it is carbon black free, the foil remains unchanged over time. So by choosing the Burano range of Favini you can be assured that it does not trigger any oxidation processes.

Cocktails and appetizers on Barbara’s chalkboard

A time of sharing, conviviality and the right cocktail: that is Aperitivo. Everything starts from the menu, or in this case the chalkboard.
Barbara Calzolari, an internationally renowned calligraphist, tells us how she has been inspired and how she designed this work.

“Every time I go out, I always try a restaurant or club bar to understand the heart of the city where I am … The inspiration is heard, told and even read from the lists of their cocktails. It is very well understood that even for the choice of names, there has always been much research, emotion and the desire to excite.”

Barbara Calzolari in Aperitivo Burano Favini

Barbara continues: “So I did a search for cocktail names and specialty bottle labels, then I began by isolating spaces, zones and gave imaginary priority to a name or another depending on how I was struck by the graphics I was making.
I did a lot of sketches, cutting and redrew many times the graphics. Then I created a theatrical frame to represent it, to celebrate it as if on a stage billboard.”

The chalkboard with cocktail names made with pencils, chalk and many tools, then printed on Burano Black with only white ink for a realistic effect!

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