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09 Sep

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The “Factory Records” visual book reveals a behind the scenes look at the production of Shiro Echo the 100% recycled paper through images, photographs and artworks reproduced using different printing and finishing techniques on the new colours now available as Shiro Echo.

Read the article “The 100% recycled paper Shiro Echo available in colours” to discover the new tinted version of Favini’s ecological paper with 100% recycled fibres and zero CO2 emissions.

We followed the production cycle of Shiro Echo recycled paper in the article “How is recycled paper produced?” discovering the production phases of the recycled raw material into the production of an ecological paper using 100% recycled fibres, with zero emissions.

Read on to discover the concept behind the creation of the “Factory Records” editorial project and the printing techniques used on the pages of the booklet which reveal how Shiro Echo paper is produced.

Ask for your copy of the Shiro Echo swatch and the “Factory Records” visual book, click here.

“Factory Records”: The concept of the Shiro Echo recycled paper visual book

To show a behind the scenes view of the production cycle of Shiro Echo, Favini’s 100% recycled and ecological paper, we asked two artists to create illustrations and artworks that would accompany photos that were taken at the paper mill.

Artist Lyndon Hayes captured the essence of the production processes of our Shiro Echo recycled paper, translating the noise and the sheer scale of the Rossano Veneto paper mill into drawings. The new Raw Black, Raw Grey and Raw Sand colours of Shiro Echo paper perfectly match with his artworks composed of white and dark tones on a muted colour background, typical of Lyndon’s style.

Lyndon Hayes’ illustration of the Pulper is reproduced on a double page spread across Shiro Echo Bright White (CMYK) and Shiro Echo Raw Grey CMYK plus white used to increase the density of blue and orange areas.

Since we are on the topic of recycled paper we also included some collages by Melinda Tidwell, who excels at creating new images from scrap paper.

Melinda Tidwell was inspired by the shapes and roundness of Shiro Echo’s jumbo roll to create this collage which is printed on Favini’s 100% recycled paper in Raw Sand colour.

In fact, artists and designers have long been fascinated by scrap paper and the grey and Kraft brown carton boards that protect our everyday purchases. Perhaps it is the familiarity and the unpretentious nature of this material, which surprises us when used within an artwork in a gallery, or as the packaging for an expensive perfume?

This work by Melinda Tidwell is inspired by the recycled paper fibres that are blended in the pulper. It is printed four colour and underpinned with a white base on Shiro Echo Raw Sand.

This imagery inspired the development of Shiro Echo, Favini’s new line of ecological papers that are not only 100% recycled but unlike a normal Kraft or grey board, this is designed so that it can be printed beautifully.

Click to request a copy of the “Factory Records” visual book and see the printing examples on Shiro Echo.

Screen printing, hot foil and litho printing on Shiro Echo paper with 100% recycled fibres

Unlike a typical recycled cardboard, Shiro Echo can achieve superior printing results and can be used to make luxury packaging and any other high quality eco-friendly application. The visual book gives a detailed example of its technical print performance ability.


The colours used on the “Factory Records” slipcover refer to those used on the Shiro Echo swatch and this is achieved by a litho print of CMYK plus white.

Offset printing of the white of Shiro Echo’s visual book slipcover at Grafiche Gemma.

We took some inspiration from logos and signs that are found in the production environment and depicted them in both hot foil and screen printing on to the 100% recycled paper Shiro Echo.

One of these logos that is found on the paper machine is initially seen on the cover of the visual book and then is found in detail within the booklet.

The “Factory Records” cover printed on Shiro Echo White 300 gsm. Look closely to find the logo in the gears of the paper machine.

We reproduced the “Maule” logo from the paper machine with a silver screen print onto Shiro Echo Raw Black 250 gsm.

Detail of the paper machine logo, single colour screen print on 100% recycled paper Shiro Echo Raw Black.

Another logo was found on the paper machine and reproduced in the “Factory Records” visual book to demonstrate the print and finishing techniques that can be achieved with Shiro Echo.

In this case it is the FCG logo reproduced in a gold hot foil on the Raw Black shade of Favini’s 100% recycled paper.

The high quality of Shiro Echo recycled paper gives an excellent hot foil print result. An example is the FCG logo reproduced on Shiro Echo Raw Black.

Throughout the Favini paper production plant, we found symbols and signs that we wanted to reproduce in the “Factory Records” visual book.

The warning signs and the headbox flow regulator image from the paper machine are excellent examples of how you can print logos and symbols in silkscreen on Shiro Echo recycled paper and obtain excellent printing results.

Some logos and signs silkscreen printed on Shiro Echo Raw Black recycled paper.

Get inspiration from “Factory Records”, click and request your copy of the Shiro Echo swatch and visual book to realize your next creative projects with Favini paper using 100% recycled fibres that guarantee high performance in printing and processing.

Find out more about Shiro Echo in the video:

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