Reborn, new ecological notebooks from Cartotecnica Favini

14 Feb

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Cartotecnica Favini introduces Reborn, a new range of ecological notebooks that combine design with sustainability.

Reborn notebooks have been included amongst the current trends in the Paperworld Trend Show 2020/21. This is where innovative solutions for tomorrow’s workplace and lifestyle trends for both school and office are selected and exhibited. In particular, the covers with floral patterns have been recognized within the Smooth Sorbet trend.

Sustainability is the main theme that contributes to the dominant trends within the paper, design and stationery sector: attention to environmental issues is reflected by choice of materials and stationery products, as well as using bold designs inspired by the natural world.

Covers of the new Reborn notebooks by Cartotecnica Favini made with the ecological papers Crush and Remake by Favini.

Reborn notebooks are characterized by the distinctive ecological covers made with Favini’s creative reuse papers: Crush and Remake, respectively made with agro-industrial processing and leather residues, in partial substitution of tree cellulose.

One aspect that unites these papers which have a strong green connotation is the application of the circular economy philosophy for their production. This allows the industrial residues to be elevated into a raw material for the production of high quality papers and creates an industrial symbiosis between Favini and other supply chains.

Reborn notebooks, available in different formats, are elegantly bound for a stylish charm.

Additional to their value in terms of environmental sustainability, Cartotecnica Favini’s Reborn notebooks are characterized by the natural appearance and tactile sensations of their covers. The agro-industrial and leather residues remain visible on the surface of the paper adding a remarkable and pleasing feel to the touch.

Thanks to both the visual and tactile sensations, taking notes on Reborn notebooks becomes a multisensory experience!

The graphics on the Reborn covers are inspired by the nature and the delicate colours of the ecological Crush and Remake papers by Favini. They have styles that satisfy both romantic and pragmatic tastes – thanks to the version with delicate foliage – and the more geometric versions of abstract flowers and leaves.

Perfectly on trend, Reborn notebooks by Cartotecnica Favini are to be collected: create your own mix of colours, formats and cover graphics.

Find out more about Favini’s creative reuse papers in the “Circular Economy” section of the blog and visit the Sustainability Channel to see data on the reduction of consumption and about environmental commitment.

Cartotecnica Favini has developed a display to show Reborn notebooks in the stores.

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