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16 Dec

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The 2022 “Becoming e-Quals” calendar comprises the 12 best posters selected in the latest edition of the Posterheroes competition. This year the artworks were printed on the most ecological papers on the market, chosen from the Papers in our Echosystem box.

Posterheroes is an international graphics and social communication competition, which started in 2010, highlighting topical social and environmental issues it aims to involve above all young people and reaches the national and international design community. The theme of the last edition, promoted by Favini and the PLUG association, was digital inclusion and equality in access to the internet and the tech devices required.

Discover the brief of the tenth edition Posterheroes “Becoming e-Quals”

The 2022 Posterheroes calendar

From amongst all of the competition poster entries, 40 winners were selected which then after a further selection, 12 were chosen to be included in the 2022 calendar. These artworks were carefully complimented by the choice of paper and print technique used.

All the papers used are part of Paper from our Echosystem, the collection that includes the most ecological papers on the market: Alga Carta, Crush, Refit, Remake, Shiro Echo, Tree Free. It is becoming increasingly important to seek sustainability both at a work and at a personal level, so for this reason this year’s calendar will be entirely dedicated to green paper choices.

Printed litho on Tree Free Bamboo Cream 160 gsm

The first month shows the winning table by Giulia Piras, a reflection on the difference between the privileged, those who have all the tools to achieve an Internet connection, and those excluded from this right. The privileged have the ladder positioned correctly, symbolizing that they are born in the right area of the world; while the others fail to reach the goal and fall.

The calendar continues with the work of Presmi Vyanen from Mauritius silk screen printed on Refit Wool 250 gsm. The mobile phone illuminates one world, while the other remains obscured. The dark blue of the paper brings out the white screen printing, enhancing the poster.

Shiro Echo, the 100% recycled paper, was chosen to litho print the work of Mara Pidello, with its clear reference to the story of Fiammetta, a 10-year-old girl who during the first lockdown took her school lessons in the fields while her father grazed the sheep.

The month of May is printed on Crush Cacao, our new ecological paper. Carlotta Costanzo’s poster draws attention to the problem of Internet access, in fact 40% of the population does not have this privilege. The print technique used is screen print embellished with a red hot foil.

July is also printed on Crush and combines different printing techniques. The poster was submitted from England and is by Anna O’Rourke. It was litho printed and then it has a gloss UV silk screen varnish on the printed area. Again, the central theme concerns access to the Internet as a human right.

Erica Borgato’s poster represents the month of October and is printed on Remake Sky, obtained from leather residues. The colour of the paper creates the background to the poster which has been UV litho printed. Individuals who manage to surf the net can float, while others risk drowning.

In the other months there are posters by Giada Gunetti, Ivan Kashlakov, Veruska Ceruolo, Sonia Adinolfi, Matteo Cataneo, Riccardo Gola.


We thank all the artists who participated in this edition of the competition and we congratulate the winning posters!

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