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11 Nov

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The 2021 “Humans at work” calendar is a 12 month selection of the best posters from Posterheroes competition, all printed on the 100% recycled, ecological and zero-emission paper Shiro Echo.

Posterheroes is an international graphics and social communication competition, created in 2010, concerning social and environmental issues; it aims to specifically involve young people as well as the national and international community. The theme of the latest edition, promoted by Favini and PLUG association, was work and the role of decent work in people’s lives and in the sustainable development of society.

Find out more about the social illustration competition, and its theme of “Decent work” and the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in the article Posterheroes “Humans at work”.

The ninth edition of the Posterheroes “Humans at work” competition

For the 2020 edition of the competition, Favini and PLUG association asked the international creative community about their vision of “Humans at work” reflecting on the theme of work and workers via a 70×100 cm poster.

Amongst the 40 posters chosen by an international jury from more than the 3,500 posters submitted from 117 countries around the world, a further selection has been published for the 2021 “Humans at work”  calendar, which is entirely printed on Shiro Echo, the new Favini’s 100% recycled and ecological paper.

Shiro Echo, the new range of recycled papers with ecological characteristics and high printing performance, has recently been renewed with 3 new colours: black, sand and grey.

In full respect of the environment and in line with Favini’s green orientation, Shiro Echo is a 100% recycled, recyclable, biodegradable, FSC ™ Recycled certified and zero emissions paper, thanks to the neutralization of residual CO2. We have made a video showing the characteristics of this ecological paper and its applications in packaging, printing and converting.

The 2021 “Humans at work” calendar printed on Shiro Echo

The 100% recycled and zero-emission paper Shiro Echo, is the ecological support on which the Posterheroes 2021 calendar is printed. It combines litho printing with silkscreen printing and hot foil, and the paper plays a fundamental role in the final print result.

The pleasantly rough surface of Shiro Echo invites us to touch the paper with our fingers and feel the natural recycled heritage of the paper, and adds natural tactile sensation to the artworks printed on Favini’s ecological paper made with 100% recycled fibre.

The cover of the Posterheroes 2021 calendar is also made entirely on Shiro Echo by overlapping several sheets of the new colours of Favini’s 100% recycled paper: Raw Black, Raw Sand and Raw Grey. An elegant palette of natural colours and on which we reveal the concept and history of the Posterheroes competition, along with the brief of the latest edition and display the supporting partners.

Starting to browse through the months of 2021, we find a selection of posters from the 40 winners of the competition.

Amongst these we find in May the winning artwork by Davide Falzone who created the poster entitled “Does this still work?” printed  litho and silver hot foil on Shiro Echo Bright White 250gsm.

The details of the silver hot foil embellish the work printed on Shiro Echo, the 100% recycled and zero-emission paper, and captures attention to the message “Does this still work?”

2021 starts with Ugur Altun’s poster for January. The Turkish illustrator created the poster entitled “Women face gender barrier in society” to reflect on the theme of gender equality in work environment.

His artwork is a silkscreen print on Shiro Echo Raw Black 250gsm. The new black colour of Favini’s 100% recycled paper contrasts with the white screen printing ink to bring out the detail of the female mouth and the title is created with a red hot foil. Discover all the new colours of the 100% recycled paper Shiro Echo in the video available on YouTube.

The topic of female work and the role of women has been addressed by numerous artists through posters reflecting on the difficulty of balancing work and family; discrimination in the workplace due to the difference of gender, age, country of origin, sexual orientation and inequality of wages.

Artist Jacopo Coen also interpreted this issue in his poster which can be found illustrating the page for November. Shiro Echo’s new colour Raw Grey was used for the paper support on which his work was printed using a UV screen print with water-based inks.

The Posterheroes competition brief also focused on the topic of decent work. This issue was addressed by Tomaso Marcolla with the poster “Spatula, impossible to work” that can be found printed on Shiro Echo White 160gsm for the month of April in the Posterheroes 2021 calendar.

The issue of decent work was also represented by Giulia Zanella in her work “Look behind the items you buy. Choose consciously. Support decent work“. The poster appears in June and was printed on 100% recycled and zero-emission paper Shiro Echo White 160gsm. In addition to its White version, the Shiro Echo range also includes a Bright White plus the three new colours presented in a video: discover them now and request the swatch.

The cover of Posterheroes 2021 calendar: invaluable details about the 100% recycled ecological paper by Favini

To protect and transport the Posterheroes 2021 calendar, we create a slipcase entirely on Shiro Echo. Small but fine details make this a unique package, starting from the elegant colour combination of the slipcase created thanks to a lamination combination of two 100% recycled and zero emission sheets of Shiro Echo: Raw Sand for the inside and Raw Grey for the outside.

Another exquisite small detail is the Posterheroes’ logo embossed on the cover in Shiro Echo Raw Grey.

Detail of the Shiro Echo calendar slipcase with an embossed Posterheroes logo.

Finally, the binding is made by singer thread stitching and it has a handmade knot showing a final special attention to detail for this artistic calendar for 2021.

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Watch the video to discover other features about Favini’s 100% recycled paper, with zero emissions thanks to the neutralization of residual CO2.

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