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Posterheroes competition: “A poster for integration”

02 Apr

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“A poster for integration” is the new title of the Posterheroes competition 2019, that asks the international creative community to express their vision on the theme of integration by creating a poster or a kinetic poster.

Favini joins in partnership with PLUG association for the design and organization for Posterheroes, the notable graphics competition, which is now in its eighth edition since 2010.

The brief is “A poster for integration”

We live in a globalized society, in which all of us in everyday life encounter different cultures, languages and customs.

Integration, acceptance and diversity in contemporary society.

In the integration process, migrant and host are temporary actors within the same scenario albeit with different roles. In this context, it should be our aim to promote dialogue, human rights, protection of peace, sustainable development and, above all, global citizenship.

Considering migration as a “transfusion” of ideas, cultures and “knowledge”, the Posterheroes competition intends to make people aware of the issues of integration and acceptance as well as enhancing “diversity” as a resource on which to build our communities of “tomorrow”. It is asking the international graphic community to express their vision through a static or kinetic poster that reflects on these issues.

Versione completa del brief e del regolamento al seguente link.

Full version of the brief and rules are at the following link.

The Posterheroes graphic competition

NEW DEALINE! Participants have until June 16th, 2019 to submit their artwork by uploading it at  and selecting the category that they want to enter: posters or kineticic posters.

Introducing with this edition of Posterheroes competition is a brand new section: in addition to the classic 70×100 posters, it will now be possible to participate this year with kinetic posters; videos of a few seconds.

The 2019 edition of the Posterheroes competition adds the new category of “Kinetic Posters”, short videos on the theme of integration.

An international jury comprising of graphic, art and communication experts, will have the task of selecting the winners:

  • 40 posters 70x100cm
  • 10 kinetic posters, i.e. 4/5-second video in vertical format.

In addition, the organizers will award a special mention accompanied by a prize of €2,500 to the creator of the artwork that best interprets the values of “A poster for integration”.

The winning posters and kinetic posters will participate in a dedicated exhibition during the Torino Graphic Days 4 festival. A selection of the forty posters will then be chosen to create the next calendar edition, this is designed and created by both PLUG association and Favini.

Are you a designer and video maker? Click here to enter the competition.

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