Posterheroes 2020: The winners of “Humans at work”

26 May

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The organizers – PLUG Association and FAVINIreveal the 40 winner posters chosen by an international selection panel. After considering creativity, technical skills and consistency of the message, the members of the panel selected the most outstanding artworks that will now become part of a series of exhibitions, events and editorial projects.

As well as selecting the best 40 posters, the organizers chose the best in class, who receives a cash prize of 2.500 €: The winning entry is by Davide Falzone, with his poster “Does this still work?”.

Does this still work” is the poster designed by Davide Falzone winner of the Posterheroes competition “Humans at work”. Forced labour, modern slavery and trafficking of human beings are still a daily reality. People are not automatons, nor work tools.

This was a record edition of the competition and in terms of numbers 3.500 posters from 117 countries which were submitted from all over the globe.

Smart working, freelancing, the fight against discrimination at work were just some of the topics explored through entries from the Posterheroes: Humans at work brief. This edition has also stimulated a productive debate on decent work and on the international social issues which are affecting the future work landscape.

Find out more about the brief of the competition, the theme of “Decent work” and the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development of the UN in the article: Posterheroes competition “Humans at work”.

During the current global health emergency, these issues have become progressively more important and this convinced the organizers to postpone the deadline in order to allow everyone to participate. The response of entries has created body of work that stimulates a reflection on the global impact we are witnessing on work.

Click here to discover all 40 selected posters from the “Humans at work” edition of the Posterheroes competition.

Amongst the various communication initiatives of recent months, Posterheroes launched the #heroesfromthecouch social campaign: a daily section on the competition Instagram page sharing contributions from international illustrators and graphic designers. An area focussing on promoting messages about the main recommendations during the lockdown: “stay home”, “stay safe” and “keep social distancing” features expressed through, irony, visual poetry and graphic forms.

Some of the posts from artists and designers who participated in the #heroesfromthecouch campaign on Instagram during the lockdown period.

Additionally, Posterheroes competition chose some of the professional artists from its network to become “ambassadorsfor the contest Nicolò Canova, Cecilia Campironi, Ilaria Urbinati, Luca D’Urbino, Cheap Festival, Sebastian Koenig and Francesca Pignataro – and asked them create some ‘out of competition’ artworks about the responsibilities and the social role of graphic designers and communication professionals.

Since its first edition, the competition aims at promoting graphic design as a significant tool amplifying the capabilities of communication and stimulating a productive debate on international social issues which are affecting the future landscape. The topics of recent editions have been ranged from natural resources and social integration to human rights and the implications of the food chain.

In these period of social and political transformation which is occurring all over the world, the organizers believe in the importance of starting a positive dialogue on the possible choices about work and education, considering both tools and models.


Now we are looking forward to creating the time-honoured artistic calendar, showcasing selected artworks from the winning competition entries and which will be printed on Favini papers!

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