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13 Sep

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The trend of the world we live in is to become more and more digital; distance learning, smart working, online courses. The digital transition process has been accelerated by the pandemic, which has made these technologies indispensable. Even if being online is increasingly prevalent in our lives, there are some areas in which the stimulation of the senses given by a more traditional world is still important.

For example, the classic reading method, giving a visual, manual and cognitive interaction when in contact with paper, continues to produce more effective results. [1] In addition, the sensory aspect of games for children is also central to teaching them how to explore, discover and learn from the surrounding environment. Television and video games do not impart the same value as the physical touching of sand or by using coloured paint with your fingers. [2]

One of the materials that best lends itself to stimulating the senses is paper: different colours, weights, finishes that spark all the senses of touch, sight and smell.

Combining the physical world with the digital and their blending therefore becomes the new normal.

The new website: all Favini products for School, Office and Hobby

Aware of the importance of digital, we have developed a new website where the endless possibilities of Cartotecnica Favini products for school, office and hobby are presented.

Write, Create, Send, File: Possible activities are suggested on the home page and within each section you will find the most suitable products for your use. Need some ideas?

If you are looking for something to write your notes on, you can choose Reborn, the notebook made with ecological paper. As well as being functional, you will discover new tactile sensations: Remake paper, thanks to the presence of leather residues, has a unique softness; Crush paper, which includes agro-food waste, in contrast has a gentle roughness.

In the Write section you can explore our small reams, use them to share your thoughts and write down your ideas. Created with different types of paper, choose the one that suits you best!

If instead you prefer to create something artistic, put yourself to the test with our Rismaluce and Rismacqua and release your creativity! For the office, school and in your free time, if starting with a blank sheet is not enough, then the coloured papers will be right for you.

Try for yourself with your favourite technique: scrapbooking, quilling, collage… In the Create section you will find the most suitable material: Discover all the finishes and colours available.

To invite your guests you can choose from a thousand possibilities: Organize a party and choose Special Events in metallic paper for that glamorous event or Calligraphy Nature in ecological paper for an event inspired by simplicity.

In the Send section you will find many reams of paper ideal for your greeting cards and invitations; but not only that! Have fun pairing paper with envelopes: Will you choose to coordinate them or contrast them for a more impactful match?

To organize your documents at home or in the office you cannot do without folders, convenient and colourful. With or without windows, with flaps or plain; choose the most suitable for keeping your documents in order.


The stories of those who chose Favini 

Your opinion and experience matter to us; for this reason, we have created a section on the new website to give voice to those who have chosen Favini products, such as Barbara Calzolari and Elena Marconato.

Barbara Calzolari is an internationally renowned calligrapher and a big fan of our Schizza e Strappa. A collaboration was started with her and together we created a special edition of these albums designed for both the amateur and the professional calligrapher.

Elena Marconato is a quilling expert who collaborates with many teachers with the aim of bringing creativity into schools. Using our coloured papers, she teaches you how to achieve great results!

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[1] Il sole 24, Testo digitale, tu ci inganni
[2], L’importanza del gioco sensoriale

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