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27 Apr

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One of Favini’s founding values is sustainability, both in environmental and social terms. Our ecological papers demonstrate this, but also our values mean that we continuously search for improvement processes to reduce the environmental impact as well as support for social projects.

Since 2009, Favini has been following a process of measuring and collecting data relating to sustainable development, with the aim of continuous improvement. The key aspects of sustainability are carefully monitored and updated: energy use, water consumption, support for social and environmental projects and CO2 emissions are checked annually to ensure compliance with Favini’s principles.

In this article we want to present the updated data in a way to simply demonstrate what we believe in.

Energy, the percentage of savings and investments since 2009

Starting from 2009, the year when the monitoring program began, total electricity consumption has been reduced by 19% and energy consumption by 9%.

This incredible result was achieved thanks to continuous investments.

A cogeneration plant has been active in the Crusinallo plant since 2016, allowing us to obtain all the electrical and thermal energy necessary for the paper mill, with reduced CO2 emissions. The installation of this plant was not the only action taken by Favini to avoid polluting emissions and improve its performance. The company has in fact decided to also rely on self-produced electricity through the sustainable utilization of a watercourse near the plant.

Water, reduction of water consumption by 41%

The management of water consumption is certainly an important factor for a paper mill, as one of the main elements for making paper actually is the water.

Favini during 2009-2019 reduced its water consumption by 41% thanks to the implementation of the closed water cycle system, which allows its partial reuse.

CO2 emissions, a reduction of 15% thanks to actions made

Greenhouse gas emissions are also a factor to be taken into consideration and the monitoring has verified that they have been reduced by 15%.

The use of modern technologies such as the Crusinallo cogeneration plant and the self-production of hydroelectric energy have allowed Favini to contain its carbon footprint.

Environmental projects, multi-year support for Voiala in Madagascar

The main environmental project in progress is the Voiala project, active since 2005, which aims to protect the rainforest of Madagascar and to foster sustainable agricultural development in the village of Sahavondronina.

By 2020, thanks to the Voiala project, 75 hectares of forest have been replanted for a total of 150,000 trees. Other objectives will be achieved in the future, both in terms of environmental and social sustainability.

Certifications: Quality, Safety and Environment

To concretely demonstrate its commitment to maintaining high quality, safety and environmental standards of its activities and products, Favini has joined 6 certifications of products and processes in compliance with international standards and guidelines – EMAS, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 45001 – FSC® and EKOenergia.

Raw materials, of innovation and sustainability

Favini also pays high attention to raw materials, which are always of high quality and eco-sustainable.

Annual plants, FSC certified cellulose, non-virgin cellulose and materials deriving from up-cycling processes are transformed to enter the circular economy from our practice of industrial symbiosis.


All this attention to the issue of sustainability is realized and expressed through the 6 lines of ecological papers made by Favini using, in variable percentages, alternative materials to virgin tree cellulose.

Crush, Remake, Refit, Alga Carta, Tree Free and Shiro Echo are the result of eco-sustainable innovation that is obtained by replacing part of the raw materials normally derived from forest origin with alternative materials such as food or textile processing by-products.

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