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“One like one forest” for World Environment Day

05 Jun

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Every year on 5 June, World Environment Day is celebrated.

Announced back in 1972 by the General Assembly of the United Nations as an opportunity to stop and reflect on the planet that hosts us. On an annual basis, the UN chooses a particularly urgent topic: this year it is about the increasing plastic pollution of seas and oceans.

So, for us, June 5th is a moment to reflect not only on the problem of plastic in the seas, but also on all the different environmental problems that afflict our Planet: pollution, global warming, climate change, deforestation.

Favini is committed to respect the environment in different ways: from reduction of CO2 emissions, saving energy and water consumption, using renewable sources and environmentally sustainable raw materials. All in conjunction with projects aimed at safeguarding the environment like the Voiala project in Madagascar and the social campaign One like one forest launched on 22nd April 2018.

One Like One Forest is an initiative promoted through the Stand Up Forests project. It was launched for the first time by LifeGate back in November 2012 in collaboration with the non-profit organizations of Avive and Icei. It aimed at safeguarding 560 hectares of the Amazon rainforest.

Con un “Mi piace” puoi salvare 1m2 di foresta Amazzonica, clicca qui!

With one Like you could save 1m2 of Amazon forest!

For every new like on Favini’s Facebook page, one square metre of the Earth’s green lung will be protected. Click immediately LIKE to give your contribution to the Planet!

Some curious facts about the Amazon forest

Do you know how many living creatures inhabit the Amazon forest? Or which medicinal plants are found in the Amazon? Read on and we will reveal some curiosities about the forest and its “inhabitants”.

For every new square metre of forest protected, many other living beings are also safeguarded. How many?

It’s known that forests provide oxygen, regulate water cycles and the climate, as well as storing carbon dioxide. However, not everyone knows that they are also the habitat for thousands of animal and plant species.

The Amazon, for example, contains an incredible number of them: even just a single square metre of forest is home to over a thousand different animal species. Therefore, every extra square metre of forest safeguarded gives a world of biodiversity the possibility to survive.

By protecting forests, majestic and spectacular trees are also safeguarded, such as “the most beautiful girl”.

“Cunhaporanga” means “the most beautiful girl of the village” in indigenous language. This is how local communities call the castanheira tree, which can be found in the project’s area and can reach up to 70 metres in height and 10 metres in diameter.

It’s also photographers’ nightmare: it takes them five minutes to get around it and it’s so big that the trunk takes up the whole frame.

Aiutaci a tutelare gli alberi della foresta Amazzonica con “One like one forest” per ogni nuovo mi piace sulla pagina Facebook di Favini salviamo 1m2!

Each new square metre protected is good for the forest, but forests are also good for people.

The Amazon is also the guardian of many medicinal herbs. Thanks to the project, many plants with important medicinal properties traditionally used by the local population as phytotherapeutic remedies are also protected.

Breu Branco resin oil is anti-inflammatory, analgesic, a wound healer and stimulant, and is used for treating bronchitis, coughs and headaches.

Tea is made from Cumaru seeds and is considered effective against hepatitis, anaemia and intestinal problems.

Andiroba leaves are used to cure ulcers. A medicinal soap is also produced from the tree to alleviate skin problems, repel insects and heal contusions.

Copaiba’s anti-inflammatory properties help treat respiratory and urinary tracts infections. It is also renowned for being a natural antibiotic effective against gram-positive bacteria.

Lo staff del progetto durante le attività di vigilanza

The protection of the Amazon helps improve local communities’ living conditions.

The project’s activities, which take place in the heart of the Amazon, 25 km from the municipality of Silves, involve the Sao Pedro community whose members live along the Igarapé Capivara River.

The state of Amazonas allows the community to use 700 hectares of forest, so they can maintain and safeguard it while also benefitting from it. 27 families live in the area, about 150 people.

A motorboat is needed to get to the area, which can only be reached by navigating the river, as there aren’t any roads.

Sao Pedro is about an hour from Silves passing through Canaçarì Lake.

Local communities have always had a basic lifestyle based on a subsistence economy and with only one power generator available. Thanks to the project supported by Favini, social and environmental indicators, as well as living conditions, will improve. The forest will become a place of work for them.

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