Favini Natural Recall calendar

Natural Recall: 12 months of green design

15 Dec

Posted in Art

The project Natural Recall brought 84 artists together to express their affinity with nature through visual art. The works, from all over the world, have inspired a network of companies that have selected 12 graphics to create a unique artistic calendar.

The team behind the calendar, Natural Recall 2015, has kept it perfectly in line with the project’s intrinsic affinity with the plant kingdom, by enhancing and increasing its ecological values.

The calendar says no to plastic coatings, paints and artificial treatments, and yes to green soya-based vegetable inks, handcrafted techniques and eco-friendly paper. The selected paper, Crush, is made using process residues from organic products to replace a part of virgin tree pulp.

Crush illustrates how by-products can be transformed into an extraordinarily high quality product.

Taking this inspiration, a stitched-edge folder has been designed using the discarded sheets of papers used during the printer setup process.

Project partners:, Gtower, Favini, Ditre Group, La Grafica Faggian, Sd Laser e Rigatoria Lughese.

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