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Luxury packaging according to Favini

28 May

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Favini’s R&D laboratories are constantly engaged in the development of graphic specialties dedicated to the packaging sector. Packaging Première in Milan, the event dedicated to luxury packaging takes place 28, 29 and 30 May 2019, will be the opportunity for Favini to present their entire breadth of high quality papers designed for the box covering, packaging, cases and shopping bags for the most demanding visitors to the Milanese fair.

Favini offers the luxury sector numerous papers designed specifically for the world of packaging, with particular technical characteristics that make them perform well in the conversion and print phases. The graphic specialties produced by Favini for packaging are ideal for creasing, for box covering and for carton making. In addition, the graphic papers by Favini for luxury packaging are suitable for printing and finishing techniques such as offset, silk-screen printing as well as hot foil and embossing finishes.

Cofanetto campionari Favini Specialità Grafiche

Smooth surfaces or refined textures, metallic and matt effects, innovative and eco-sustainable papers, can be found within the plenty of choices of the Favini papers collection for luxury packaging. Furthermore, there is the possibility of exploring customized solutions in terms of colour, finish, weight and format.

Luxury packaging, a growing sector with a particular attention to the sustainability of materials

According to the findings of Smithers Pira report “The Future of Luxury Packaging to 2024” the luxury packaging market is growing, in particular for premium products that require innovative materials capable of communicating brand values.

In fact, within the luxury sector, the packaging becomes an integral part of brand identity and adds value to the products, especially for the sectors that base their success on perception and sensory experience, such as cosmetics, alcohol, jewellery and fashion.

In the world of luxury packaging design is the ideal environment in which to best express itself in terms of innovation, creativity, choice of materials and techniques. High-quality print, fine finishing and tactile effects, as well as innovative materials, are all distinctive elements for communicating the identity and values of a brand.

Il packaging è uno strumento per comunicare i valori del brand, quali la sostenibilità e l’impegno ambientale. Un esempio sono i packaging di Veuve Clicquot realizzati la carta prodotta da Favini utilizzando i sotto-prodotti del processo di produzione dello champagne.

Packaging is a tool to communicate brand values, such as sustainability and environmental commitment. An example is the packaging of Veuve Clicquot made with the paper produced by Favini using their own by-products of the champagne production process.

The luxury sector, which includes cosmetics and perfumes, wines and spirits, watches and jewellery, fashion, food, tobacco and the automotive industry has no decline. As confirmed by the Smithers Pira report which estimates that total sales of luxury packaging worldwide will reach $ 15.38 billion in 2019, with a growth rate expected at 3.0% on an annual basis to 2024. [1]

The global luxury market asks material suppliers and packaging designers for solutions capable of transmitting various values to the final consumer, including environmental commitment and sustainability.

Sustainability, a key aspect in material choice for luxury packaging

Packaging, a true communication tool for corporate values, is used by luxury brands to communicate their commitment to sustainability, an aspect that is becoming increasingly important in corporate decisions.

An example of the growing attention to environmental sustainability by the fashion world is the UN Charter for Sustainable Fashion which is signed by 40 fashion brands, as well as retailers, suppliers and an important transport company and is the means by which the global fashion industry declares its willingness to significantly reduce its environmental impact. The Charter lists a series of guidelines and constraints to be respected in order to reduce the impact of the clothing industry on the planet, amongst which the choice of sustainable materials stands out. [2]

Favini offers 3 lines of ecological papers for the luxury packaging: Shiro, Crush and Remake.

Favini offers the world of luxury and fashion ranges of sustainable materials to create their packaging, shoppers, Point of Sale, labels, invitations and catalogues with an environmental sustainable perspective: these are the ecological papers Shiro, Crush and Remake.

Vivienne Westwood ha scelto di realizzare esclusivi packaging con Remake Smoke, l’innovativa carta che si compone per il 25% di sotto-prodotti della filiera della pelletteria vincitrice degli European Paper Recycling Awards 2017.

Vivienne Westwood has chosen to create exclusive packaging with Remake Smoke, the innovative paper that is made up of 25% of by-products from the leather industry that won the European Paper Recycling Awards 2017.

Shiro, range includes Shiro Alga Carta, the sustainable paper produced with algae from fragile marine areas, Shiro Echo that contains 100% recycled fibres and Shiro Tree Free made with fibres from annual plants; Crush, is the paper produced with agri-industrial residues to replace up to 15% of tree pulp and Remake, paper produced with an up-cycling process of leather processing by-products.

Favini’s graphic specialities for luxury packaging

In addition to the three lines of ecological papers, Favini offers the luxury market other graphic specialties that are designed and produced to meet the requirements of the luxury packaging sector.

A complete list of Favini’s graphic specialties is always available online, and our recent product news follows below. To make sure you have the latest version of our samples: you can request it by completing the request form on our website.

The Tube, the range of single and two-side coated papers and boards with a smooth and deeply matt surface, now complemented with the new Hide texture. An exceptionally tactile paper that supports most printing techniques and is ideal for screen printing and hot foiling. The Tube is the perfect solution for adding value and luxury to any premium print and packaging application.

Packaging di Chivas Regal Ultis Whisky realizzato con la carta Favini The Tube.

Packaging for Chivas Regal Ultis Whisky made with the Favini’s matt paper The Tube.

Contact Pack is a range of boards made with high quality virgin pulp and optimized for use for folding boxes and cases. Its natural rough surface, high whiteness, excellent fade resistance combined with superior stiffness and first-class creasing properties make it the definitive product choice in luxury packaging.

Contact Pack: carte e cartoncini di alta qualità per il luxury packaging, disponibile in bianco e avorio è adatto alla stampa offset e a nobilitazioni quali serigrafia, lamina a caldo e punzone a secco.

Contact Pack: high quality papers and boards for luxury packaging, available in white and ivory, suitable for offset printing and silk-screen, hot foil and embossing.

Dolce Vita and Biancoflash, two lines of Favini’s graphic specialties for luxury packaging in white, have now been complemented with new shades of white and ivory: Biancoflash Natural and Dolce Vita Ivory, two shades developed to enhance printing and packaging projects with a warm and engaging colour effect.

Biancoflash_Dolce Vita_Favini

At Packaging Première 2019, Favini will demonstrate the printing results that can be obtained using Dolce Vita, the new generation paper recently updated. Rigidity and thickness, in addition to its unique tactile feel, make Favini’s Dolce Vita the perfect paper for catalogues with high aesthetic performance and for luxury packaging. The classic white version is now complemented with an ivory shade and a felt-marked version called Prisma Soft.

Il nuovo visual book “Flat 500” di Dolce Vita con le opere dell’artista Ron Arad, clicca per scoprire di più

The new Dolce Vita visual book “Flat 500” showing the artwork of artist Ron Arad, click to find out more.

The colour resolution, brightness and image output on Dolce Vita paper are the result of a special matt pigmentation developed by Favini, which can be admired in the new Dolce Vita “Flat 500” visual book with images of artworks of the artist Ron Arad presented at Packaging Première.


Favini waits to welcome you at Packaging Première 2019 – stand E49 E5 – with its collection of graphic specialties dedicated to luxury packaging.


[1] Smithers Pira “The Future of Luxury Packaging to 2024”

[2] Vogue “La Carta per la Moda Sostenibile firmata il 10 Dicembre a Katowice ”

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