Le Driadi and Favini: a sustainable pack using algae

21 Jan

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An eco-friendly packaging in Shiro Alga Carta and a product formula both with natural ingredients: this is how Le Driadi seeks a natural and sustainable beauty both in product and in its packaging.

We present a new case history of sustainable packaging that sees the joint protagonists of Le Driadi’s natural cosmetics and Favini’s ecological paper Shiro Alga Carta, coming from the algae of the Venetian Lagoon.

Le Driadi’s ecological packaging made with Shiro Alga Carta the eco-friendly paper produced from seaweed of Venice

The Le Driadi products – Tigotà’s organic natural cosmetics brand from producer Gala Cosmetics – brings about beauty by using natural ingredients, without preservatives nor synthetic dyes, paying attention to the environment during production and with innovative solutions that are attentive to the health of their consumers even including their packaging design.

Le Driadi brand, in keeping with its attention to nature and the environment, wanted to select a sustainable material with a low environmental impact for its packaging. For the boxes of their natural cosmetics Le Driadi has chosen to use a special paper made with algae from fragile lagoon environments: Shiro Alga Carta.

Favini’s ecological paper Shiro Alga Carta was created in the 90s from the algae of the Venetian Lagoon, where the proliferation polluting algae put its fragile ecosystem at risk. Today, the production process creatively reuses algae from fragile marine areas in other parts of the world, such as Brittany. These algae replace in part the virgin cellulose normally used in paper production, thus becoming an alternative and sustainable raw material.

To produce Shiro Alga Carta ecological paper, the algae are dried and then micronized in the special mill in Rossano Veneto production plant: the “flour” obtained is then mixed with cellulose fibres, producing a high quality ecological paper for printing and converting. This ecological material is characterized by small specks on the surface created by the presence of micro-particles of algae that give a distinctive appearance to the paper.

The specks on the ecological paper Shiro Alga Carta show the presence of the algae used. The emissions to produce Shiro Alga Carta are completely offset by the purchase of carbon credits.

The illustrations for Le Driadi’s packaging were created by the illustrator Giorgia Bressan on Shiro Alga Carta paper and have graphic references to the natural and organic ingredients of this range of organic cosmetic products.


The sustainable philosophy of Le Driadi influenced their choice of Shiro Alga Carta ecological paper

In addition to the choice of Shiro Alga Carta eco-friendly paper for the packaging, the ethics and philosophy of the Venetian brand Le Driadi also influenced their choice in ingredients used for formulations of cosmetics. The exclusion of ingredients derived from petrochemical or synthetic origin, or obtained by strong chemical reactions having an impact on the environment or via genetic modification was the intuition that guided their research to create natural cosmetics. [2]

The sustainability of Le Driadi products can be measured in packaging design, as well as natural ingredients. The pack is made with Shiro Alga Carta, Favini’s ecological paper born from the damaging algae of the Venetian lagoon.

Le Driadi brand uses natural organic raw materials, obtained from renewable sources or that can be freely harvested, which do not come from rare or endangered species, preferring local raw materials. In the analysis of raw materials from the subsoil, those that have less impact are chosen and those of natural origin produced in a simple way are favoured, with a reduced number of synthetic mediums, without the use of toxic or dangerous organic reagents.

The production process is also ordered to optimize the exploitation of both natural and energy resources: to reduce water consumption, procedures are used to monitor water and provide recovery systems through a closed cycle in order to reduce and recover process water. [1]

Trends in the cosmetic industry: Sustainable products and packaging with low environmental impact

The cosmetic industry is increasingly orienting itself towards ecological choices, an eco-sustainable approach to production and the creation of sustainable packaging.

In this sector, the demand for natural ingredients is growing to produce cosmetic and packaging products made in a sustainable way and with eco-friendly materials. Among the preferred materials there are glass, biodegradable and bio-based plastic, and paper, even better if the chosen support is ecological and 100% recyclable.

Favini offers a wide selection of ecological papers that are used for sustainable cosmetics packaging. Here are some examples.

Maiiro’s seaweed-based cosmetic products are inspired by the sea and have a particular attention to the marine environment. The choice of paper for their packaging is perfect for the company’s philosophy: they are made with Shiro Alga Carta, the ecological paper produced with excess algae harvested from at risk lagoon environments.

The packaging of Maiiro cosmetics are made using Shiro Alga Carta, the ecological paper born from the algae of the Venetian lagoon.

Umaï has chosen to create the solid shampoo packaging with Refit, the Favini paper created from the industrial symbiosis between the paper and textile industries. Wool and cotton residues become alternative raw materials to replace tree cellulose for the production of sustainable paper Refit.

The sustainable packaging for the eco-friendly cosmetic brand Umai is made with Refit Cotton Grey.

The materials used for the packaging play an important role in brand communication: the ecological paper Crush obtained from the creative reuse of agro-industrial residues helps to communicate the values of the eco-sustainable cosmetics brand Grower Cosmetics. Find out more about Crush Olive and how it is produced from olive oil processing residues: From olive grove to ecological paper Crush.

The packaging for Grower Cosmetic products is made with Crush – Favini’s ecological paper from the creative reuse of agro-industrial residues.

Finally we conclude with another example of cosmetic boxes made by Premi Beauty Industries, who designed this set entirely with Shiro Echo, the high quality ecological paper made with 100% recycled fibre and zero CO2 emissions  guaranteeing excellent results in print and conversion.

The set of boxes for cosmetic products made by Premi Beauty Industries in Shiro Echo, Favini’s 100% recycled and zero emissions paper.

Let yourself be inspired by Shiro Alga Carta to create your sustainable design projects, click and request the swatch book.



[1], Le Driadi lanciano il cosmetico naturale con il packaging in alghe della Laguna di Venezia

[2], Pack in Shiro Alga Carta della Laguna di Venezia e formule con ingredienti vegetali: così il marchio Le Driadi punta a una bellezza naturale e sostenibile


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