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Kamizumo challenge with Sumo

14 Jun

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Kamizumo is the new project designed to show the qualities of Favini’s Sumo, a board that reaches a thickness of 3mm.

Inspired by Sumo, the sport that gives its name to this high-quality board and by Japanese culture, we developed a special project.

It is the board game Kamizumo, which literally translates as “Paper Sumo” and is the paper version of the most famous sport of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Let’s discover together the box that transforms into the game board and all the wrestlers from two teams that are decorated with carefully selected finishes and print techniques; then…start fighting!

The box: a container or something more?

Before starting to play first we must observe the Kamizumo box.

News Kamizumo - cofanetto Sumo Favini

In the previous article “Sumo: the board range with a Japanese soul”  we looked at the V-Cut. Here we find that it is these grooves which allow the 3mm Sumo board to be folded and create the box which can be opened to reveal its structure. Inside, it has two side pockets – also using the same V-cut technique – and act as containers for the playing cards.

That’s not all… The box when turned over and becomes a dojo: the arena for Kamizumo.


Team Daichi and Team Honoo, for a Kamizumo challenge on Sumo

DAICHI “Mother Earth” provides a rock-solid stance for the best defence; air for a clear and focused mind; water for flexible techniques and elemental strength to win the fight.

The wrestlers of DAICHI are most feared amongst their enemies and strike with a variety of moves, mental strength and sheer might: Katsu Killa, Saki Ayane, Koi Arata and Sho Akito.

HONOO “Fire” is a forceful element – a source of destruction and creativity, likewise it can be channelled to enlighten the spirit or bring devastation to your enemies.

The wrestlers of HONOO are amongst the world’s fiercest warriors, skilled, quick and fuelled by the universal energy of fire: Hiko Kazan, Matsu Takai, Kin Daiki and Ryu Hoshi.

kamizumo Daichi Sumo Favini

Katsu Zilla, the victorious monster, silkscreen printed on Sumo Dark Grey

In Japanese 勝 Katsu means “victory”, while the name Zilla reminds us of the most famous monster of the big screen.

Kamizumo - Geisha Sumo Favini

The screen print of fluorescent pink and transparent gloss varnish (at first sight seems black) enhance the character.

The combination of screen and print onto Sumo Dark Grey gives to the protagonist of Kamizumo a monstrously precious look.

Saki Ayane, the warrior geisha printed on Sumo White 1mm

Our geisha fighter, like all the characters of Kamizumo, can easily be detached from its card and be placed in the arena. The players have been cut and they have a score cut in the middle to allow the player to be folded so they can stand in the arena.

Kamizumo - Geisha Sumo Favini

Thanks to contact points, each of the players may be reinserted into its own card where they can rest until their next Kamizumo challenge.

Koi Arata, a surprising effect of laser printing on Sumo Blue

The Koi carp, is one of the most famous symbols of Japanese culture and represents perseverance. Taking the form of Koi Arata, the third character of the Daichi team.

Kamizumo - Carpa Sumo Favini

Laser cutting has given us a stunning result: Sumo Blue when laser cut turns green and the different depths of the laser gives different shades of colour.

Sho Akito, the Baby Ninja Panda letterpress on Sumo White 2mm

We don’t need to be touched by this baby panda to know that in its veins flows the strength of a Ninja. It is as tenacious as the Sumo board chosen which has an incredible thickness of 2 mm.

Sumo Favini Kamizumo letterpress

Even the printing technique chosen to produce it deserves to be taken into consideration: letterpress printing with a single pass of red and two passes of black, an artisan print process that embellishes our Kamizumo.

kamizumo Honoo Sumo Favini

Hiko Kazan, the Volcano Boy who fires up Sumo Red

The fire team Honoo could not miss the chance to reference the volcanoes of Japan with Hiko Kazan. In the language of the Land of the Rising Sun translates 彦 (Hiko) “boy, prince” and Kazan “volcano”.

News Kamizumo - Vulcano Sumo Favini

This character is hot foiled with two opaque colours: silver and black, in a game of pressure and temperature, it is able to cover both larger areas and smallest fine details. A real challenge!

Thanks to the consistency of the Sumo board it is ideal for this type of work, of hot foil and letterpress.  You can achieve amazing printing results, such as this great example in Sumo Red used to represent Hiko Kazan.

The bonsai Matsu Takai silkscreen printed on Sumo Kraft

Bonsai, the miniature tree that has been cultivated in Japan for centuries under the influence of the Zen Buddhism philosophy, is one of the eight characters of Kamizumo.

Kamizumo - Bonsai Sumo Favini

Matsu Takai, which translates as “tall pine”, was printed in UV silkscreen with a white base on the Sumo board; Sumo Kraft 1mm.

The Kin Daiki Samurai UV inkjet print on Sumo Black

Kin Daiki represents one of the most symbolic figures of Japanese culture, the Samurai.

Kamizumo - Samurai Sumo Favini

This warrior is printed on Sumo Black 2mm thickness which thanks to the Durst flat UV inkjet printer, gives us evidence that Sumo can also be digitally printed.

After being cured under the ultraviolet lamps, this Samurai is immediately ready to challenge his enemies at Kamizumo and to keep the honour of the Honoo team.

Ryu Hoshi, the female dragon printed litho and embossed on Sumo Light Grey

Ryū (竜) which in Japanese means dragon, represents the legendary creature of Japanese mythology and folklore.

Kamizumo - Draghetta Sumo Favini

To print this little dragon, an embossing die was used to obtain the embossing effect that adds depth and three-dimensionality to this character.

The card itself already has a considerable thickness: printed on the 1mm Sumo cardboard.

It’s time to discover the rules and … start the challenge!

The players take sides by team – Honoo (Fire) or Daichi (Earth) – and choose a paper wrestler with human features, and adorned with its Japanese symbols.

Download Kamizumo game board: .

The wrestlers are positioned in the arena, face to face. Players challenge each other by tapping the dojo (arena) with their fingers to push the opponent out of the circle or to make it fall.

Kamizumo Sumo Favini - start fighting

Start playing, just tap and take your favourite character to victory.

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