Andrea Maack Favini The Tube

A journey through fashion and art with Andrea Maack

10 Dec

Posted in Graphic Specialities

Andrea Maack, the Icelandic artist from Reykjavik, opens for the first time the doors of her studio, a place of inspiration in which she sketches and selects the best materials to be used in her projects.

Her latest work is the range of sophisticated perfumes. All of the raw materials used, have been personally selected by Andrea Maack, and each fragrance, along with its packaging, has been made using the highest quality materials.

In particular, to create the boxes, the artist selected The Tube by Favini, for its smoothly tactile and dead-flat matt surface – a truly interactive material that you can touch without leaving prints. The result for all that choose her fragrances is a multisensory experience.

Enjoy the video now:

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