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07 Jul

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40 posters of the latest edition of the “Humans at work” Posterheroes competition, chosen by an international jury from the 3,500 posters received from 117 countries worldwide, express the vision on the theme of work and workers through poster design.

The international creative community – graphic designers, creatives, students and designers – reflected upon variations on the theme “Humans at work”: decent work, work and technology, quality of work and work-life-balance, fair work and the fight against discrimination, environmental and social sustainability, economic migrants and new slavery.

Find out more about the competition brief, the theme of “Decent work” and the 2030 Agenda for the sustainable development of the UN in the article Posterheroes competition “Humans at work”. [1]

The posters with the work of artists, designers and students from all over the world addresses the theme of work and workers from different points of view: Reflecting on new technologies and their impact on the way people work and on people’s lives, the influence of technology in the evolution of work environments and productivity; women’s work and equal opportunities; precarious work and work in relation to happiness and personal fulfilment and the analysis of work-life balance.

Another important theme, which we find depicted in several posters is decent work. This is one of the 17 objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the UN.

New technologies and the relationship between work and technology

The way we work today is constantly evolving and the support role of technology in work has become essential.

Especially in the period of isolation for covid-19, during which smart working and remote working has been fundamental to work continuance whilst in quarantine.

Digital technology also offers new professional opportunities, from data analysis and participatory design systems, to online communication and distribution platforms that have made it possible to reduce time and distance in the creation, sale and circulation of goods and services. In the same way, it brings with it the risk of “technological unemployment”, that is, the risk that a large number of professions and jobs based on repetitive and non-creative tasks will quickly become obsolete.

Productivity and work environments

Other posters dealt with the theme of technology and how it affects ways of working and productivity: In addition to the simple increase in productivity, the digital interfaces helping to carry out working tasks have paved the way for the improvement of safety, health conditions and worker satisfaction, turning the workplace into a more flexible and collaborative environment.

Female work

The role of women in the workplace has changed a lot during the years. Numerous posters wanted to portray this issue by reflecting on the difficulty of reconciling work with the ambition of building a family; discrimination in the workplace due to differences in gender, age, country of origin, sexual orientation and the consequent disparity in monthly wages.

Quality of work and work-life-balance

Multiple posters selected from the 40 winners of the ninth edition of the Posterheroes competition wanted to deal with the theme of time and working time management with a view to work-life balance, as well as reflecting on the role of work in personal fulfilment and happiness.

In fact, work represents not only the main means of subsistence of human life, but also the element capable of guaranteeing security, responding to the needs of belonging and self-satisfaction and defining the relationship between oneself and others in a wider context.

Equal opportunities and workers’ rights

In the previous editions of Posterheroes contest, we talked a lot about how we consume goods and services, and in this edition “Humans at work”, we wanted to consider it in relation to workers’ rights and decent work.

The competition brief focused on decent work: “While in some parts of the world the new quality standards of working environments are being redefined, in other areas, the lack of supervision by government bodies and the intrinsic difficulties of the territory, make it difficult for the population to achieve dignified economic conditions.”

Another issue addressed is one of equal opportunity with posters that want to promote a positive scenario in which employment is conducted in conditions of freedom, equality, security and human dignity for men and women, with self-respect, well-being and ensuring personal development for every human being.

Precarious job

Finally, the issue of the precarious job was also addressed with posters that explored one of the topics disclosed as part of the brief of the Humans at work competition: “The crisis of the current socio-economic paradigm has a direct impact on human life, raising new and old concerns: the lack of safety standards in certain sectors, especially in illegal jobs, and the issue of deaths in the workplace; the precariousness of jobs and the resistance of companies to offer long-term contracts, the regulation gaps in new professions.”

“Does this still work?” is the winning poster of “Humans at work”

Among the 40 posters selected, the organizers of the Posterheroes competition have selected the first prize: this is Davide Falzone, who created the poster entitled “Does this still work?“.

“Does this still work” is the poster by Davide Falzone winner of the Posterhereoes competition “Humans at work”.

With his poster Davide Falzone proposed a reflection on the theme of decent work, which he covered in his blog as well as through the imagery in the creation of the poster.

“Forced labour, modern slavery and trafficking in human beings are still a daily reality. People are not automata, nor work tools. The poster triptych poses three observational questions around the theme of work dignity.” [2]

The 40 works selected in the latest edition of the Posterheroes competition gave us an overview of the current vision of the world of work and workers, by the international creative community.

Decent work and equal opportunities, the influence of new technologies on the way of working, work-life balance and happiness, women’s work and workers’ rights, are some of the main themes on which creatives invite us to reflect through viewing their posters.


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[1] Posterheroes competition “Humans at work”

[2] “Decent Work?”

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