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21 Jul

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In this article you will find many DIY ideas to create with paper.

With paper art we can transform paper into small works of art for:

  • Home interior decorations
  • Display cases or a shop window displays
  • Invitation and greeting card creation
  • Creating table and place settings for restaurant or for our homes
  • Paper lampshades
  • Decorating rooms with paper wall decoration
  • Christmas, parties and holiday decorations creation
  • Wedding invitations and decorations
  • Creating bouquets and paper corsages
  • Rediscovering manual and artistic skills.

There are several techniques that can be used: from origami, to scrapbooking, folding and paper cutting, quilling and collage, carving and clipping.

Paper is a fundamental material that stimulates our artistic spirit and whoever wants to test themselves with this art, can choose from the wide range of Favini’s papers, as well as from the A4 reams available from Cartotecnica Favini: coloured papers and boards of different weights and surface finishes to create many decor ideas.

Read on to discover our selection.

Floral decorations: paper flower made using Favini’s graphic specialities

Paper flowers are one of the most loved subjects of paper artists, who use different types of Favini papers and boards to make them.

Amongst the favourite papers to create flowers with many different shades we find Burano – the Favini range of papers that offers 35 colours from bright shades to pastel colours – or, for those who prefer to give a bright and pearlescent touch, Majestic the exclusive collection of metallic effects by Favini – is a perfect choice.

Small and delicate, or giant and colourful, paper flowers are a beautiful decoration to add a spring touch to our home. They can be combined together to create floral arrangements, centrepieces, bouquets and alternative paper corsages, place cards, greeting cards and many other ideas.

Giant paper flower made by Papesa using Favini’s papers.

A little bit of creativity, scissors, glue and Favini’s papers are the ingredients for creating these small decorative works of art.

Some handmade flowers made with Favini paper by Petalos do Papel. 

Simple and original ideas for home parties with paper decorations

To give a floral touch for the setting of a spring party, you can create homemade paper decorations, such as these butterflies made with the coloured papers Burano from Favini in pastel colours Light Blue, Pistachio, Lilac, Yellow and Pink.

With the pastel colours of Favini’s coloured paper range Burano, you can create pretty butterflies to decorate your home.

Butterflies are also the subject chosen by the artist Giuliana Cobalchini to create installations using the upcycled paper from leather processing by-products: Remake, in the colour Midnight.

Butterflies made by Giuliana Cobalchini with the ecological paper Remake Midnight.

Paper decorations can be an even more durable and colourful alternative to real flower centrepieces. Here is an example of flowers created by AD Creazioni in Carta used to embellish the table of a wedding party.

Not just for flowers and butterflies, paper is the ideal material for creating handcrafted decorations for holidays and festivities, such as Easter or Christmas.

To recreate a magical Christmas atmosphere, you can make wreaths and trees by cutting and folding Favini’s papers or make creative handmade decorations to embellish the Christmas dinner table.

Christmas table decorations created by MVMpapercuts with the ecological paper Crush Lavender, a place setting that will amaze your guests.

Three-dimensional wall decorations with Favini’s papers

With Favini’s papers and boards you can also make wall decorations. Some examples?

The artist Natalya Bublik created this original paper sculpture, a three-dimensional lion’s head with Remake, the upcycled paper from leather residues.

This original 3D lion’s head was created by Natalya Bublik with the ecological paper Remake.

Papertype are the creators of these three-dimensional decorative paper letters used to personalize spaces with initials, words and phrases.

The three-dimensional letters made with Burano paper by used to decorate and personalize spaces. An original idea for a summer wall decoration.

Handcrafted lampshades with Favini’s paper and using the creative reuse process

Another DIY decor idea to decorate home and interiors are paper lampshades.

They can be designer lampshades made with cutting and folding techniques, like this one created by Papesa using Favini’s metallic paper Majestic.

Paper lampshades created by Papesa using Favini’s paper Majestic.

For those who want to combine design and the circular economy and to add value to scraps and strips of paper, you can create lampshades by the creative reuse and cutting of trimmings, such as those made during the workshop “Lampshades with cutting trimmings” with ReMida during Creative Reuse event in Favini.

Home decor and circular economy: the cutting trimmings are transformed into beautiful lampshades thanks to this creative reuse.


We can create and personalize albums and diaries through the use of photographs accompanied by captions, as well as through the use of different ornamental materials, such as paper. This creative art is called scrapbooking.

To create handcrafted decorations for albums, we can use many different Favini’s papers, in this case Prisma was chosen. This felt-marked paper by Favini is characterized by its hammered finish and is available in 27 bright colours to brighten up notebooks with many colourful ideas using the technique of scrapbooking.

Spring at home with Rismacqua colour reams from Cartotecnica Favini

Cartotecnica Favini offers papers and boards cut in A3 and A4 format to be combined together to create many different decorative ideas: with the reams of coloured papers, Rismacqua offers the pastel shades and Rismaluce for the more vibrant colours, allowing you to create beautiful handmade decorations that will cheer up the house.

Children and adults alike can create ideas for home decor and creative decorations with Rismacqua coloured papers and boards, such as butterflies and spring flowers. For the little ones it is a way to play and spend time with recreational activities, while for adults it is a way to rediscover their manual and artistic skills.


Have you created decorations using Favini’s papers? Share them on Instagram and tag @Favinipapers

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