Giulia Piras wins Posterheroes 2021

24 Sep

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Posterheroes celebrates 10 years of competition, through an exhibition that for the first time sees all 401 posters selected from the start of the initiative and coming from every corner of the planet. It is a tangible demonstration of how graphics and social communication are a powerful tool to spread a message and to demand more attention to the rights of all people.

To mark the occasion of the tenth edition of the “Posterheroes” communication competition, the winning posters of the 10 editions of the contest promoted by the PLUG association will be exhibited during the Graphic Days® festival.

Since 2012, various social and environmental issues have been addressed: From the use of energy resources, to the production and consumption of food, from people’s civil rights to imagining future scenarios.

Becoming e-Quals” is the title of the 2021 edition, created by the PLUG association in collaboration with FAVINI and the ITCILO International Training Centre: Posterheroes asked the creative community and also non-creatives to produce posters expressing the need and the importance of providing inclusive policies in relation to the use of digital tools. In fact, recently, it has become clear just how much equality is measured by the possibility of being connected, whilst noting the difference for those who are excluded from the digital world for economic, infrastructural or skills reasons.

The winner of the € 2500 prize is Giulia Piras. The poster represents the difference between the select, those who have all the tools to reach an Internet connection, and those who are excluded from this privilege. The select have their ladder positioned correctly, symbolizing that they are born in the right portion of the world; whilst the others fail to reach the goal and fall.

Favini is now developing the Posterheroes 2022 calendar. Among the chosen 40 winning works, 12 will be picked and printed on selected Favini papers.

The authors of the 40 winning projects of the 2021 edition come from Italy, Turkey, China, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Uruguay, Canada, Great Britain, Switzerland, Portugal, Bulgaria, Russia, Slovenia, Egypt, Iran, Mauritius, India.

Giulia Piras (Italy), Giada Gunetti (Italy), Riccardo Gola (Italy), Yeti Iglesias (Mexico), Sergio Bohada (Colombia), Veruska Ceruolo (Italy), Shalom Joussef Diaz (Italy), Mara Pidello (Italy), Ivan Kashlakov (Bulgaria), Eduardo Davit (Uruguay), Anna Formilan (Italy), Natasha Mileshina (Russia), Sonia Adinolfi (Italy), Anna O’Rourke (Great Britain), Erica Borgato (Italy), Alessandra Parodi (Italy), Carlotta Costanzo (Italy), Sanja Radakovic (Slovenia), Abdelrahman Elbadry (Egypt), Presmi Vyanen (Mauritius), Marco Giancarlo Pea (Italy), Nalan Kantar (Turkey), Alejandro Ortiz Particular (Colombia), Andreas Stettler (Switzerland), Fateme Moheysen (Iran), Matteo Cataneo (Italy), José Villamayor (Argentina), Sumedh Narnaware (India), Matteo Beda (Italy), Anqi Zhou (China), Renata Martinez (Venezuela), Alessandro Di Sessa (Italy), Angelica Beltran (Colombia), Junjie Su (Canada), Chen Jie (China), Luiza Amorim (Portugal), Simone Zorzetto (Italy), Kutay Birdane (Turkey), Wenfe ng Huang (China), Semih Oduncu (Turkey).

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