Francal 2017 - Enrico Rodriguez, Do papel ao sapato

From paper to shoes

28 Jul

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Art, fashion and shoes.

These three elements met together at Francal from 2 to 5 July 2017 in Sao Paulo, at the exhibition “Do papel ao sapato” (“From paper to shoes”), by Enrique Rodríguez with Favini as main partner.

Enrique Rodriguez: a paper artist

Enrique Rodríguez is a designer and artist who uses paper to create sophisticated handmade relief collages.

Rodriguez is the author of Arquitetura de Papel (Paper Architecture), which explores the technique that overlaps three-dimensional paper structures of different sizes. This creates light and shadows through the openings of his chosen organic and geometric shapes.

One of the colorful artworks by Enrique Rodriguez for teh exhibition Do papel ao sapato

One of the colorful artworks by Enrique Rodriguez for the exhibition Do papel ao sapato

Enrique Rodriguez‘s desire to make his art and technique available to everyone created a starting point for the project Universidade do Papel: The “University of Paper” that presents several styles of artistic expression created by using paper as the art medium.

“Do papel ao sapato” exhibition at Francal Show

During Francal 2017, the main Brazilian trade fair for footwear and fashion accessories, Rodríguez selected 16 artworks to interpret shoes by this same artistic concept which has characterised his career.

Francal - Enrique Rodriguez, Do Papel ao sapato exibition

“The inspiration for this show came from my passion for shoe as a design object and the possibilities that it offers to intervene in shapes with my paper architectures,” says Rodriguez.

All the artworks are created with colourful papers by Favini: Burano and Prisma.

“Favini, with the colours of his papers, has opened a wide range of chromatic and artistic opportunity” the artist says.
One of Rodriguez's artworks made with Favini papers Burano and Prisma

One of Rodriguez’s artworks made with Favini papers Burano and Prisma

For Rodriguez participation at this fair was also an opportunity to show how materials, in particular paper, plus creativity and courage, communicates through artistic form.

Enrique Rodriguez

To discover Enrique Rodriguez’s work and the creation of his artworks with Favini papers for Francal 2017 watch this video: Do Papel ao Sapato por Enrique Rodríguez – Francal 2017

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