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19 Dec

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Fruit Exhibition and Favini announce the first edition of FIP – Fruit Indie Publishing Award – for the best prototype for an art book, independent editorial project and zine.

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The FIP competition for independent publishing

The competition is free and is directed to all artists and publishers who can enter any previously unpublished project, book or zine. The work should be outstanding in terms of technical and formal research in relation its content which explores humour. This follows the theme of the next edition of the Fruit Exhibition Festival 1st to 3rd February 2019, in Bologna.

Who organizes FIP, the Fruit Indie Publishing competition? Due to the growing success of the festival Fruit Exhibition which is dedicated to Indie Publishing, Fruit will launch the first edition of the FIP competition in collaboration with Favini.

Fruit Exhibition is the annual Independent Art Book Fair dedicated to both traditional and digital publishing.  It covers areas such as artist’s books, catalogues, graphic projects, periodicals, stationery and fanzines.


What is Indie Publishing?

By Indie Publishing we mean independent publishing, sometimes referred to as self-publishing or micropublishing.

Instead of “micro-publishing” we prefer to use the term Indie Publishing because such niche publishing should be prized and valued as a medium to express new, fresh ideas in this dynamic world.

By Indie Publishing we are referring to a particular niche of the production and publishing market, in which the independent publishers who publish a limited number of new books every year and who tend to be personally involved in all the phases of a book’s creation.

The FIP Fruit Indie Publishing competition encourages independent artists, designers, students and publishers to develop an editorial project that responds to the following theme.

The theme of the first edition of FIP: humour

Humour” will be the theme of the next edition of Fruit Exhibition and the competition. It is the art of making people smile, showing things from an unusual point of view. It can sometimes be unsettling, done with intelligence, originality but all at the same time with levity. Thanks to a fresh and irreverent view on the world and the people who live there, it is “humour” that allows us to reflect and smile at ourselves. In this increasingly complex and crazy reality, humour gives us a place that without having to resort to politics or latest news, provocation or vulgarity to leave an alternative impression.

The rules and the deadline

New deadline: each entrant can submit one or more editorial proposals – book, magazine or zine – no later than April 15th 2019 at 12.00 am, by digital format, there is no limitation of artistic techniques, print format, book design or number of pages.

You have time until March 15th 2019, candidates for the FIP competition!

You have time until April 15th 2019, candidates for the FIP competition!

Compatibly with the communication characteristics of the artwork, the aim of the competition organized by Fruit in collaboration with Favini, is to bring out the diversity and expressive liveliness of the independent publishing sector. It aims to encourage all the artists and creatives who have chosen the book or magazine as a form of expression, as a traditional and innovative media and artwork.

The prizes of FIP competition

The jury will assign the FIP prize to the best editorial project, artistic book or zine, and consists in supporting the realization of the prototype presented for a maximum value of 1000 euros.

Once the “ready to print” file has been received from the winner, Favini will follow the project creation processes (paper, printing, binding, etc.), covering the costs.

In addition, the publication will be entered free of charge as part of the Fruit bookshop, during both the festival and at various events in which the bookshop will participate during the year.

The organization will promote the winning project and any other projects commended by the jury with the relevant authors, through the communication network of the festival and partners and media partners who have joined the initiative.

The winner, after the prize has been awarded, will undertake to create the project in partnership with Favini.

We can’t wait to start! Are you ready to make us smile with humour by presenting your unpublished Indie Publishing project?

Read the complete competition regulations:

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